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Vatican official named rector of English College

By on Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mgr Philip Whitmore  (Mazur/

Mgr Philip Whitmore (Mazur/

Mgr Philip Whitmore will be the new rector of the Venerable English College, it was announced today.

Mgr Whitmore currently works at the Secretariat of State and will take up his new role in August.

He translated Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth into English and is a priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster.

He succeeds Mgr Nicholas Hudson who has served as rector since 2004.

Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark has named Mgr Hudson parish priest of Sacred Heart in Wimbledon, south west London.

Mgr Hudson said: “I feel enormously privileged to be asked to be pastor of my home parish after 13 years’ ministry at the Venerable English College.”

The seminary at the Venerable English College was founded in 1579, making it the oldest English institution outside England.

  • Benedict Carter

    Amen amen, Paul. May it be so.

  • Julian Lord

    This post of yours seems more than a little gratuitous, pp …

  • $40858710

    I know nothing about this gentleman. I pray he might be able to recover the temper of the Venerabile, It is shameful that this nurse of martyrs, Saints (ten of them!) and beati since the Council is entirely in the hands of the Modernists – the altar and rails were torn out, the baldachin which had hung over the previous High Altar for almost a hundred years was sent to a local antique shop, the cassock abandoned and, according to Wikipedia ‘the rule relaxed’.

    According to my aunt, it is little different now than after the Council – there were good old priests who kept to Catholic Tradition – such as the priests of the SSPX – despite the late Bugnini of detestable memory and the Modernists The detestable influx of Modernism seems by far the greater- the We are Church brigade, the ‘People of God perform the Consecration’ lot, the ‘new men’ and the heretics, to sum them up, the aggiornamento, ecumenical, Modernist heretics.
    Our Lady, Mater Ecclesia, ora pro nobis!

  • paulpriest

    …the farce of the English College [where the majority of students are significantly more [secretly/subversively?] orthodox than the staff] is now entering its third decade…

    Appointing a ‘sound’ Magic Circle acolyte is only going to exacerbate the situation.

    This is not 1983 and the sooner they realise it the better.

    When most of the guidance, support, instruction, resource material and unofficial mentoring of those at the Venerabile – seeking to retain their authentic Catholic identity – comes from the North American college?
    Time for a clear out and a new broom…

  • paulpriest

    I appear in my own name – at least the sock shop need not worry about the recession with you to keep them ticking over…

  • Benedict Carter

    Excellent post.

  • Charles

    POI: The college began as St Thomas’ Hospice (1362-1579).

  • Julian Lord

    The words “gratuitous” and “erroneous” have separate meanings, but I was hoping for doctrine rather than politics …

  • paulpriest

    So say we all Jabba – so say we all…

  • VEC student.

    PP you are making assertions here very publicly that are not true. It isn’t helpful to wade in so forcefully when you are ignorant on such matters.

  • paulpriest

    …having had friends/associates who’ve been part of the Ven system for decades I’m not MAKING any assertions…I’m simply repeating them.

  • David Edwards


    Fr Phillip always struck me as a solidly orthodox priest as well as a decent, courteous, hardworking and discreet man. I think the VEC is in good hands.

    I can’t speak for this year, but from what I saw last year, he is almost universally liked by the students.


  • paulpriest

    If Fr Philip’s the new broom then all well and good – but this jolly boys network [I mean for crying out loud – they were even trying to get the job for Andy Summersgill last year] MUST cease…

    It can’t go on…it has to return to wholehearted orthodoxy – and I don’t mean faux high-Church leatherette conservatism either – where they name drop and use the -right-sounding terminology but fundamentally underneath there’s Laodicean liberalism running through them like a stick of rock…

  • Ex Umbris Oxford

    rubbish. it’s an angry post full of bile and devoid of thought. All the best, one who is often called a “trad”