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Proclaim the Gospel generously and simply, says Pope Francis

By on Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pope Francis (Photo: CNS)

Pope Francis (Photo: CNS)

The Gospel should be generously and simply proclaimed said Pope Francis during morning Mass on Tuesday.

In his homily in the Casa Santa Marta chapel at the Vatican, the Pope began by quoting Jesus’s exhortation to the Apostles: “Provide yourselves with no gold or silver, not even with coppers for your purses” (M 10:9).

He explained that the Lord wants us to proclaim the Gospel with “simplicity”, a simplicity “that gives way to the power of the Word of God,” because if the Apostles had not had “confidence in the Word of God… they would probably have done something else”.

The Pontiff went on to say that the Kingdom of God, “is a free gift”, but he also added that from the beginning of the Christian community, this attitude has been subject to temptation.

Citing Benedict XVI, Pope Francis said that the Church grows by “drawing people to her” and this attraction, he added, comes from the testimony of “those who freely proclaim the gratuity of salvation”.

“These two are the signs of an apostle who lives this gratuity: poverty and the ability to praise the Lord,” said Pope Francis.

“When we find the apostles who want to build a rich Church and a Church without the gratuitousness of praise, the Church becomes old, the Church becomes an NGO, the Church becomes lifeless.

“Today we ask the Lord for the grace to acknowledge this generosity: ‘Freely you have received, freely give’. Recognising this gratuity, this gift of God. Let us move forward in preaching of Gospel”.

Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, concelebrated the Mass that was attended by Congregation Staff.

  • paulpriest

    Please God His Holiness moves on from his physical indictments against the Western Church to the REAL crises…we know all about the self-interested self-indulgent US NGO-Churches and the quangocratic behemoths of Bishops’ conferences – but excuse me Your Holiness – we’re dying out here!
    There’s a desolation – a wilderness and millions of the faithful are being denied their faith and their inheritance…do I need to mention Holland?
    Missionary territory!
    We need missionaries – not lectures on the silliness and counterproductivity of accruing wealth and attempting to proselytise…
    We don’t need repeated homilies on material simplicity – we need them on the spiritual simplicity of the Apologetic faith with which we can evangelise and draw people out of the mire and help them reclaim their created identity and integrity and find healing and nourishment and help within Holy Mother Church

  • Benedict Carter

    We need beauty, sacrality and Heavenliness.

  • Benedict Carter

    We don’t need to be told not to waste food. As if most families in the West are throwing away bag loads of Tescos shopping. My God! When will he start dealing with the desperate problems?

  • Peter

    We will one day soon praise Allah in the Cordoba Mosque together with your pope. Cordoba is in Spain just over a bit from um, there. Yes, Al-Andalus will once more thrill to the cry of the muezzin and the Christians will pay their dhimmi tax.

  • Benedict Carter

    Perhaps the Holy Father could see this video of a journalist in Rome asking priests what are the Ten Commandments, and seeing that most of them don’t know (!!!!) he might do something about it?

    And there are people here who think there is no crisis or that the new, wonderful, free and liberated Catholic Church is in better shape than what we had before!

  • Guest

    I have just seen it. It’s hysterical. You don’t have to know Italian to follow, though from 8 minutes and 30 seconds there is some conversation in English.

    She is a very talented presenter. We’re up the creek all right, but we might as well have some laughs along the way.

  • Benedict Carter

    So there we are. The priesthood of nu-Church doesn’t even know the Ten Commandments.

  • Guest

    These daily homily extracts are starting to remind me of the film Whistle down the wind, in which a man is mistaken by some children for Our Lord. Circumstances dictate that the man cannot go anywhere, so in order to retain the support of the children he starts reading not-quite-parables to them from one of their magazines. And the children are never shaken in their faith.

    Benedict Carter’s link to Gloria TV says a lot about the state of the Church. I do not get the feeling that the Holy Father is alert to the monumental trouble we are in.

  • WG Grace

    He hasn’t got a clue.

  • Peter

    It’s Cordoba Pete!

  • df

    Everyone seems to know better than the Pope that which he should preach about….I will just listen.

  • paulpriest

    There are hundreds – if not thousands – of square miles in this country where Catholicism has all but vanished – a rapidly ageing clergy – 95%+ teen lapsation and an episcopacy which doesn’t seem to give two fiddlers…
    I’m cool receiving a homily against ‘those nasty rich insular pharisee Catholics’ – I’m fine with twenty similar homilies [which is a bit of luck considerig thay's what we've been given] …but I wouldn’t mind a 21st where we have a Pontiff who recognises that Catholicism in the western world is rapidly going down the toilet and he is going to try to do something about it…

  • daniel nagy

    I am deeply touched by the faith in Christ Jesus made manifest daily in our Holy Father. This is Peter made present to us, and Paul. He is exemplary. I dare to say anyone that does not respect and revere him at least for his office as our pontiff is in need of soul searching examination of conscience. Francis himself always assumed the best of each and every priest of God’s Church, and so should we, especially when that priest is our present duly elected Pope. I pray to God that my own arrogance and pride does not blind me to the mercy shown by this great man.

  • SisterLea

    Perhaps it is going to take more than a Pontiff to turn Catholicism around and keep it from “rapidly going down the toilet,” as you say. We are in the midst of a global paradigm shift away from hierarchist governing.

    The ROMAN Catholic Rite has made its stand quite definitively as being on the side of a God Who wants to be over and above all, a God that invented and sanctifies top-down hierarchy, a God who is intrinsically male, a God that condescends to love creatures here below. Some of us cannot believe in this god, no matter how high the pedestal on which He places women, no matter how lovingly He forgives us our sins and bids us come to Him.

    National Catholic Reporter quoted Cardinal Mahoney recently regarding the “unique Catholic culture, structure and language” which must be taken into account when researchers examine the affairs of the Roman Catholic Church. This very unique male-dominant culture, hierarchical structure and non-inclusive language is based in the theology of a supremely powerful male god who is above all, controls all and judges all.

    Just as other rites have risen up in history in response to differences in theological interpretation, culture, organizational structure, etc; so now may be a time when a Global Catholic Rite is needed in the Church for all those who are not about to abandon their Catholic identity to those who claim it can only be ROMAN.

  • Julian Lord

    hallo “phil” !!!

  • Julian Lord

    He’s preached about it more than once since his election.

  • Julian Lord

    oooh a fishwrap-peruser !!!

  • Benedict Carter

    Not sure I follow your banter, “Syster”.

  • paulpriest

    Fine Sister – you go off and invent your own God, goddess or non-gender-specific Divinity
    You have this transgendered ‘Godlet’ who is co-equal with you in a horizontal hierarchical structure – and merely a charism co-ordinator, enabler, facilitator.- and each one of you shares co-equally in being priest[ess] prophet[ess] and monarch [committee chaiirperson]

    You can rewrite Christian history and doctrinal and moral teaching where all the oppressive patriarchal hegemony and its tyrannising language is expunged, exorcised and cast onto the purifying flames of gender equalisation…
    You can bring forth the Gaia earth mother aspect of the godhead and make the Liturgy more environmentally sustainable and make Eckhardt the replacement Aquinas for this age of Aquarius – and Teilhard deChardin our new herald for the new Green Dawn..and maybe we should embrace and welcome Our brothers and sisters in the Wiccan community for leading us back to the true old ways of the early church?

    Finally Bring forth Sister Joanie Chittister and make her joint ‘equal but complementary ‘Popess’ –

    Did not Peter have a wife?

    and how can a Pope represent women?

    Does not the Church need a Yin as well as a Yang?

    No – Better still ‘Sister Lea’ – why don’t you and your sisters go off to some little leylined fairy nook or faux ashram near Tunbridge Wells…with your dream catchers , Rahnerian pentagrams and talking sticks and non-gender specific crucifixes – you can take all your liturgy books for the sacred rites of the Enneagram…

    ….and stay there!

    While we get on with knowing, loving and serving the Real God.

  • SisterLea

    Wow, did this get a rise out of you, Paulpriest! You certainly have a lot of assumptions going on here, none of which have anything to do with me or the idea of a Global Catholic Rite.

    If you or anyone else is really interested in what I am talking about, just slide your cursor over my picture and when the Disqus box appears, click on “Full profile” as that will show a history of comments I have made on National Catholic Reporter from my Yank perspective.

    I must say, I enjoy the spirited repartee with you all!

  • SisterLea

    Benedict, thanks for caring enough to say so!
    I think it is just as well that I don’t get the “Syster” thing.
    See my response to Paulpriest above.

  • Julian Lord

    Fishwrap for cod’s wallop

  • Benedict Carter

    I read four comments down, got to ” … fear of letting doctrine change”, and clicked off.

    Doctrine doesn’t change. Catholicism 101.

    What you are – who the hell knows?

  • SisterLea

    Benedict, it would seem very secure if doctrine never changed. Perhaps your Catholicism 101 does not include the HISTORY OF DOGMAS (Volumes 1-3) by J. Tixeront, first published 1910, reprinted 1984 by Christian Classics Inc.

  • Benedict Carter

    “Develop”. Never “change” as in “mean something else”.

    I exclude from that general rule the gross innovations of Vatican II which the Church at some point will reverse.

    Tell me please how you would like to see which doctrines change, and into what?

  • Julian Lord

    Tell me please how you would like to see which doctrines change, and into what?

    Wimmin priestesses tree-hugging gay husbands & husbands into the rainbow-bright wonder of children being magically carried into their havens of sodomitic love by samite-wearing lesbian transsexual social workers.

    Isn’t it obvious ? Jesusette Christess spoke of little else.

  • andy

    Hell will freeze over first you Muslim retard.

  • Tom_mcewen

    The franks who came from the east, had warrior gods, and fought the remaining Roman civilization and won, gaining larger and larger parts of what was once Roman Gaul. But this warrior race, took the weak God of Christ, and the Roman way. Charles the Great was a branch of this root, and he begin the Holy Roman Empire. We do not know the future but we can hope. Many I know are go along to get along, but there is a time that you can no longer just go along. England’s Church is in for a long dark night of the soul, with that darkness is the death of a civilization and the death of Christianity, Christianity is weak, but it wears will. The journey is long we shall not get to Jerusalem tomorrow or even the day after the tomorrow. The Church in England has lost its way. But I believe that Christ’s promise is true.
    We should look at this as a blessing of who we are, and what we believe. The Bishops will be tried by fire, I hope they believe as they as they ask us to believe. In the Catholic Church the Bishops bar one stayed with the King, Fisher and Sir Thomas Moore kept their souls and lost their lives. The Bishops who stayed with the King had the world and lost their souls.

  • Sebastian Gray

    Paul, we no longer have pure missionaries in the Catholic Church who go out like Jeremy Irons in the movie “The Mission” and preach a message which his listeners initially do not want to hear. The contemporary missionary waits for people to just turn up. That is why the Protestant are winning some traditional Catholic countries like Brazil. We are now like Judaism, an ancestor religion that accepts converts. Has anybody seen the much TALKED ABOUT new evangelism actually in practice? Of course not. I love the faith and have received so much. The current state of the church makes me sad but I like the change in the See of Peter. It seems freer of self-delusion.

  • paulpriest

    I’d say the opposite: I think Pope Benedict really had his finger on the world’s pulse and knew exactly what was going on.
    I think Pope Francis thinks this is still 1983 and the west’s just having a wobble because it’s selfish and needs to be re-educated on social justice…
    With a little vaudeville and a lot of public witness and ‘just being seen’ and ‘shouting the Gospel message and pricking consciences and welcoming the lost back home’ with a subtle ‘we won’t mention you were ever gone’…
    …will work [as it possibly could have a few generations ago]

    But it won’t – the wilderness is too far gone – there are no generations to bring back to the fold – they were never ours to begin wih – never educated or catechised or made to ever feel part of a community or ever have a Catholic cultural identity….

    It’s Pope Francis who needs the shock to the system to realise just how bad things are….Pope Benedict always knew!