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Jesuit: Britain and US are ‘crazy’ for backing Islamists in Egypt

By on Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Protests in Egypt last month, aimed against the Muslim Brotherhood government (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Protests in Egypt last month, aimed against the Muslim Brotherhood government (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

A priest who directs the Jesuit Cultural Centre in Alexandria, Egypt, has condemned western support of the Muslim Brotherhood during a visit to the United States.

Fr Henri Boulad, 82, a Melkite Catholic, singled out the United States, France and Britain for their support of the Islamist group, which he said had created a regime far worse than the military dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak that preceded it. He warned of looming catastrophe.

“How democratic countries can support such movements is disgusting,” Fr Boulad told a meeting of the Middle East Discussion Group at a luncheon hosted by Canadian Senator Ann Cools.

The Jesuit described Egypt as unstable and said the government was running out of money to provide basic services. Income from tourism had decreased because of strict restrictions on tourist activity and a dangerous lack of security, he said.

Forces comprised of a wide array of thinkers, journalists, youth, Christians and a large number of Muslims who oppose the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood are rallying to challenge the regime, he said.

“Grassroots people are more and more convinced these people are liars,” Fr Boulad said. Muslim opponents, he explained, “don’t want this kind of Islam”.
“I am speaking up and saying: ‘Don’t be intimidated by these people’,” he said. “Resist in the name of your principles.”

Fr Boulad said the Muslim Brotherhood had a systematic plan to harass Christians so that they would leave Egypt and that among their tactics was the kidnapping and rape of Christian girls.

The organisation also invokes human rights to silence critics in France, Canada and elsewhere, using the courts against people who speak up, he said. The government cries “Islamophobia” and it “is politically incorrect to be an Islamophobe”, he said.

“The United States, France and Great Britain are supporting this. It’s crazy,” he added.“Intellectual and factual terrorism is being implemented not only in Egypt but all over the world. You cannot speak up. They go to court; they accuse you. “As long as Islam is not reformed, we are going to catastrophe,” Fr Boulad said.
Fortunately, he added, some people had the courage to speak up.

He said he hoped that liberal democracies would support the growing coalition opposing the Egyptian ruling party.

  • mikethelionheart

    What a guy.

  • anon

    Progress towards the development of Christian tourism in villages along the River Nile ended with ‘regime change’; the power vacuum created by careless opponents of the Socialist government was almost inevitably filled by arch-conservative and radical muslims.

  • teigitur

    Its not too often I agree with Jesuits. But this man is totally correct. Will the governments listen? Not a chance.

  • Benedict Carter

    Astonishingly, I agree with a modern Jesuit. And it’s not just Egypt.

    We have soldiers in Afghanistan being killed by men belonging to a group we went to war in that country and in Iraq to defeat (though we know now, along with Blair’s other lies, that Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda).

    And at the same time as our men die in Afghanistan, this awful man Cameron says he wants to arm these (in effect) same people in Syria fighting a civil war, now sectarian, for “democracy”. You simply couldn’t make it up. Well, you could – because Blair said the same thing.

    It’s all realpolitik folks. It’s got precisely nothing to do with democracy. The target is Shiite Iran and its allies Assad and Hizbollah. Our allies, who are the ones pushing us to arm the Syrian rebels, are Sunni Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others.

    Now, there will always be geopolitics and all the death and destruction that it causes to to innocents. That’s the nature of this sinful world. But the stinking lies that go with it! Our Imperial forebears were much more honest about what they did than these snake-oil salesmen who pass for our political leaders today.

  • la Catholic state

    It wasn’t so much crazy….as deliberate. Western Governments have taken a cold-blooded decision to back Islamists. They know what they are doing. And they don’t care.

  • $27740841

    Western government support for Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya and now Syria, while at the same time fighting Islamist groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere is one of the mysteries of our day.

  • $27740841

    I totally agree with Father Boulad on the madness of arming Islamist groups. And with your assessment that the ultimate target is Iran. Syria has to be destabilised and the Assad regime overthrown in order to clear a path to Tehran.
    But what’s the end game? A destabilised Middle East? Is there an end game, and have they even thought this through?

  • Sofia

    Thank you, Fr Boulad for proclaiming the truth. Europeans seem eager for one thing only: to succumb to hedonism and islam. Anything but Christianity is embraced and promoted.

    But how many christians and catholics care? I seldom, rather, never, ever, hear any singloe catholic speaking up and reacting.

    And in the meantime, the blood of our Christian sisters and brothers is being spilled, all over the world.

    Of course, several bishops and cardinals consider same sex unión more interesting to defend and promote.

  • Benedict Carter

    Iran is deemed a threat. So the West and its Sunni allies seek to contain it. But this leads to having some very strange bedfellows – both for them and us.

  • $27740841

    Merely containing Iran could indeed be the aim. Or the aim could be the destabilisation of Iran followed by regime change, as has happened elsewhere.
    Quite where that leaves Russia, an ally of Assad and the present regime in Tehran, is anyone’s guess.

  • Albert Awite

    Assad’s winning. Anyone who wants the Christian population to be protected and actually be able to live where they have lived for nearly 2,000 years will hope that he does win.

  • gregoryvii

    Many Government leaders are taking the “Neville Chamberlain” approach to Islam, because they absolutely do not want an all out war with the religion of Islam. Islam will terrorize until Islam reigns supreme, and sadly, the only way to counter it will be war (and prayer). But until governments regain morality and suppress immorality, they will never have the stomach for what it takes to drive the barbarian back.

  • Charles

    Half of Hollywood producers and directors are gay and as revenge for misperceived past discrimination against them, promote TV and film scripts where heterosexuals are playing gay like roles, which is why so many male roles nowadays are feminine and female roles are masculine. Regarding Islam, it would not surprise me if Saudi Arabian or Chinese funding was behind the various political correctness ideologies that are also pro Islam and Hollywood in order to demoralize and diminish the West. Committed liberals are foolish pawns in a broader game of conquest without realizing whose behind it all.

  • PaulF

    All across the Middle East western friendly regimes have been toppled, with the help of the west, to be replaced either by extremists or by disorder. The purpose is anyone’s guess, but it seems to suit the west to support dysfunctional leadership in this region.

  • PaulF

    May Russia be greatly blessed in this, and may the rest of the world take careful note.

  • Grateful Catholic

    “Resist in the name of your principles’” – USA, Britain and France today don’t have any! Remember in the 1990′s when NATO became the Muslim Air Force, that set the precedent in the modern era. But to get a reasonable background on it, I recommend reading ‘The Bitter Sea” by Simon Ball, Harper Press GB. We may be about to see another Crimean War.

    Grateful Catholic

  • catholic man

    There is a saying from ages ago perhaps attributed to Henry Kissinger? – no war without Eqypt, no peace without Syria. These two states are the kingpin Arab states. So not surprisingly destablise them so that the winner will be? Israel. his is all in the name of ISrael. everything else a sideshow really. Britain was an ally of Assad and his father Assad for many decades. Now the British Foreign Secretary is on camera saying he can’t wait for Assad to go! See who changes sides? Both eqypt under Mubarak and Syria under Assad were better places. Sometimes they are intransigent vs a vie the Palestianian issue but at least they are a known quantity. Now even the Qatar VIPs are backing and funding the Syrian rebels. They are acting at the behest of the Israeli government

  • Lynda

    Someone who talks sense!

  • catholic observer

    more wars and more weapons (guns, ammunition) can be sold? Many of the rebels are from outside and speaking with foreign accents like British and French! Just like when Gaddafi was overthrown the first leaders there were Cameron and Sarkozy to remind the victors how to SHARE THE SPOILS

  • Benedict Carter

    Today’s news from Al Jazeera:

    “Syrian rebels have killed at least 60 people, including civilians and people loyal to the government, in a battle in a Sunni-majority village in the country’s east, activists said. The fighting in Hatla village over the past few days targetted members of the Shia community, highlighting the increasingly sectarian nature of the country’s civil war. The opposition fighters reportedly stormed and burned civilian homes in the village in the eastern Deir Azzor province.”

    And we are thinking of arming these people.

    As far as this priest being a Jesuit goes, he is old and therefore may be a real Jesuit still in his heart.

    On the website of the Jesuits’ UK Province, as Mundabor notes today on his blog, we find an Order which explicitly and formally renounces Jesus Christ:

    This Order needs to be supressed.

  • Benedict Carter

    Russia WILL be greatly blessed for this. God sees all, notes all, rewards all good.

  • PaulF

    It’s not only this Order. The strangest things are happening in the Church in the name of the ‘interfaith’ perfidy. A single man – I will not mention his name because I have no interest in accusing individuals – has been preacher to the papal household since 1982. An outspoken promoter of occultic religion, he is on record as saying that the continued existence of the occultic religions in the world is ‘positively willed by God.’ If for more than three decades this has been the only person in the wide world who is permitted to preach to the Pope, is it a great surprise that the largest Order in the Church has lost its way?

  • $27740841

    Yes, but will the Western governments allow Assad to win? If their intention really is regime change in Syria will they not simply increase their aid to the rebels, even to the point of military action? And sadly, very sadly, Western governments seem to care little or nothing for civilians, Christian or Muslim, who get caught up in these conflicts. It’s depressing.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    THE ONLY WAY: Jesus’ own WAY. He is the Lord.

  • AugustineThomas

    He doesn’t realize that the United States, France and Great Britain are run by secularists who hate Christians as much as Islamists do?

  • AugustineThomas

    “..who’s behind it all.”

    Great comment otherwise, you should fix the typo!

  • AugustineThomas

    Russia is only ending abortion because they want more ethnic Russians.. I wouldn’t get too excited about their morality. They’re showing no more morality than when they moved nukes to Cuba.. In their minds they’re protecting Mother Russia, nothing else.

    It’s a blessing that they’re ending abortion either way, but it’s out of necessity not morality. (I’m going to pray that it stands as an example of the ruinous effects of abortion for other countries.)

  • PaulF

    The protection of their country is not a bad motivation. Abortion and homosexuality attack nations, nothing wrong with defending.

  • Benedict Carter

    The deletion of a very orthodox Catholic post about Russia legislating against homosexual propaganda is A DISGRACE.

    And by a supposedly “Catholic” newspaper!

    I am disgusted, Catholic Herald!

  • la Catholic state

    Totally correct. All Western Elites are now anti-Christian Laughably they think they have out-grown Jesus Christ!

  • la Catholic state

    But apparently it is all for the good of Muslims and Islam. That apparently is now the raison d’etre of Western governments.

  • la Catholic state

    How about Westerners themselves are behind our new fangled Political Correct, anti-Christian spirit. Just look at our rabid leaders! The only pro-Christian, Western politician I can think of is Santorum in the US.

  • la Catholic state

    Catholics are asleep to the changes taking place around them. Secularists and Islamists are much more clued up on the socio-religious politicking going on. And they know what they want. Catholics just tag along with secularists without knowing where they are leading us.

  • Deacon_Augustine

    He isn’t a Jesuit – that is why he is talking sense. He is a Melkite Greek Catholic priest who happens to be the director of the Jesuit Cultural Centre.

  • Deacon_Augustine

    I know who you mean and I believe your assessment of him is correct. It is very sad that such things should be permitted in the heart of the Church.

  • Benedict Carter

    Thanks Deacon. That explains it!

  • Julian Lord

    It’s just another horrid civil war, where ALL Syrians are the losers.

    The foreign interventionism in this conflict is simply increasing the destruction of the civilian populations — but given the actions of Iran and Israel, the internationalisation of the conflict seems to have been made inevitable.

    As for Mundabor’s blog though, while I’ve no doubt at all that he’s a good, Faithful Catholic — his writings nevertheless seem to be influenced by some kind of paranoia.

    His comments about the Jesuit website are in any case very confused.

    1) Certainly, when people substitute God with social justice, then they are far from the Catholic Faith

    2) Mundabor, however, is simply seeing red because the term “social justice” is used, and simply reading this in the light of his own prejudice

    3) His “analysis” of those contents is quite ludicrous, based as it is on foisting his own personal views into the texts instead of simply taking them as they are

    4) Meanwhile, when it is properly ordered and subject to the orthodoxy of the doctrine and the spirituality and the Tradition of the Faith, then social justice has its part to play in the Catholic life — Mundabor is simply *assuming* that this is not the case for these Jesuits

  • Julian Lord

    I fully agree with Ben’s outrage, and it was a very fine and thoughtful post.

  • Benedict Carter

    Mundabor has been proved right on countless occasions. His analysis is correct. Never heard of Father Arrupe, Jabba? Read up on him.

  • Julian Lord

    I have seen at least a couple of excellent blog posts by Mundabor, and I’m certainly not trying to throw his baby out with his bathwater.

  • Benedict Carter

    Depends how serious they are about wanting Assad out. The showdown will come when Iran has, or is about to produce its first, nuclear weapon.

    Welcome to World War III.

  • Benedict Carter

    This is not about abortion AT but the law enacted two days ago making homosexual propaganda to young people a criminal offence.

    Za Rossiya! Urah!

  • PaulF

    So do I, though I recognize that it has to do with wicked laws, by which the sin is ruled innocent and the hatred of the sin (‘phobia’) ruled guilty.

  • felixroyan

    Amen, Albert. Under Assad, the Christians were relatively safe. Even Saddam protected the Christian population during his reign.

  • $53594500

    no need for melodrama, itll all work out fine

  • $53594500

    they got their chance to get the axis of evil 123 boom boom boom. u know they cannot let iran and hez and assad win

  • Secretfriend

    Britain has been doing this since 1917 with creation of palestine and labelling it an arab muslim thing. Whereas in history, palestinians have never been muslim.. And funny enough america and israel have helped too in the years after. The forming of jordan, creating israel, the Iranian revolution, Afghanistan revolution in the 70s, the creation of pakistan. The support of muslim brotherhood against mobarsk and gaddafi. Now syria. In the future we will see what all this was for. If we’re lucky to be alive