'The healing of a visually impaired person has special symbolic meaning,' says Pope

Pope Francis has sent an audio message to the Italian Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired at the start of their summer program at the Le Torri Centre in Tirrenia, Italy.

More than 75, mainly elderly, people, will take part in the program at the Le Torri Centre, which specialises in hosting rehabilitation sessions and holidays.

In his message the Pope said: “I know that some of you wanted to come to Rome. Thanks to modern technology, I can come to you! Thank you for your appreciation, for your affection, and especially for your prayers.”

He went on to explain that the Gospels tell us that Jesus showed a particular care for the blind and that he healed many blind people.

“The healing of a visually impaired person has special symbolic meaning,” the Pope added.

“It represents the gift of faith. It is a sign that concerns us all because we all need the light of faith to walk along the path of life. This is why Baptism, which is the first Sacrament of Faith, was also called ‘illumination’ in antiquity.”

“I ask the Lord to renew the gift of faith in each of you, so that your spirits may always have God’s light, the light of love that makes sense of our lives, illuminates it, gives us hope, and makes us good and available to our brothers and sisters.”