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Pontiff: Ten Commandments are a signpost to freedom

By on Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pope Francis (Photo: CNS)

Pope Francis (Photo: CNS)

The Ten Commandments are not a limitation, but a pathway to freedom, Pope Francis said in a video message broadcast to thousands gathered in Milan’s Cathedral Square earlier this week.

The crowd were participating in the Ten Squares for Ten Commandments initiative on Monday morning, an event that was being promoted by the Renewal in the Spirit movement in collaboration with the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation as part of the Year of Faith.

Milan is the fourth city to host the initiative, which began under the pontificate of Benedict XVI in September of 2013, following events in Rome, Naples, and Verona. In the coming months, Pope Francis will send video messages to participants gathering in squares in Bari, Genoa, Cagliari, Florence, Palermo, Bologna, and Turin.

Pope Francis said: “The Ten Commandments are a gift from God. The word ‘commandment’ isn’t fashionable. To today’s persons, it recalls something negative, someone’s will that imposes limits, that places obstacles to our lives. Unfortunately history, even recent history, is marked by tyranny, ideologies, mindsets that have been imposed and oppressive, that haven’t sought the good of humanity but rather power, success, and profit.

“The Ten Commandments, however, come from a God who created us out of love, from a God who established a covenant with humanity, a God who only wants the good of humanity. Let us trust in God. The Ten Commandments show us a path to travel and also constitute a sort of ‘moral code’ for building just societies that are made for men and women.

“How much inequality there is in the world. How much hunger for food and for truth! How much moral and material poverty resulting from the rejection of God and from putting so many idols in his place. Let us be guided by these Ten Words that enlighten and guide those seeking peace, justice, and dignity.”

  • NatOns

    “Let us be guided by these Ten Words that enlighten and guide those seeking peace, justice, and dignity.”

    For those who do not yet understand the Catholic expression of the truths found in moral reasoning, as a gift of God, this is a good starting point. For although it is expressed through the particular revelation of the word of God it is, in fact, part of a universal human understanding guiding those who seek peace, justice and dignity .. Logos .. in the common good. The more specific the application of this moral reason the less it becomes like the general basis on which it rests e.g. ‘respect for life’, ‘the commandment: Thou shalt not kill’, ‘murder and manslaughter are not the same’, ‘a state’s governor may authorise capital punishment by wielding the power of the sword’, and ‘this state shall permit the destruction of the products of conception in utero and in vitro deemed by its laws to be impersonal, a danger, a burden or unnecessary’ etc, etc.

  • scary goat

    I would just like to add that the whole Catholic Faith is a pathway to freedom.

  • IntellectGetOne

    Is the Pope aware that never, in the history of all humanity, has inequality been LESS of a difference than it is now?

    He says: “How much inequality there is in the world.”

    The answer: “Less now than ever in the history of the world. And God is great because of it! And God gave us less inequality through more freedom and more capitalism — which have in turn brought more goods and services and medicine and transportation and energy and food and entertainment and communications to more people in every corner of the globe than could have even been imagined 30 years ago.

    Today, and going forward, inequality will fall as more people — more human souls — are given the benefit of mobile smart phones, medicines, television, roads, airports, food supplies etc. God Bless the free flow of goods and the strength of God’s might arm: Capitalism! In giving the world so much blessings.

  • Tamsin

    Woo hoo!