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Pope confirms he will publish encyclical begun by Benedict XVI

By on Thursday, 13 June 2013

Benedict XVI (PA)

Benedict XVI (PA)

Pope Francis has told the Synod of Bishops that he is preparing to publish the encyclical on faith that was started by his predecessor, Benedict XVI, and finished by himself.

He told the ordinary council of the Synod of Bishops that he had received their suggested draft for a post-synodal apostolic exhortation on the new evangelisation, the theme of the Synod of Bishops in October 2012, but that he did not want its publication to overshadow the new encyclical.

“Issuing a post-synodal exhortation at this time, after the encyclical, would mean it would be hidden,” he said.

“The encyclical has to come out and it’s an encyclical written with four hands, so to speak, because Pope Benedict began writing it and he gave it to me. It’s a strong document. I will say in it that I received it and most of the work was done by him and I completed it.”

However, the Pope added that it wouldn’t be right to end the Year of Faith end in November without “a beautiful document to help us.”

“I thought of this: Write an exhortation on evangelisation in general and, within it, refer to the synod. That way we could take everything from the synod, but put it in a wider framework,” he said.

“I liked the idea and I will follow that path. I’ve written something, and in August, which will be quieter, I can move forward with it. This is the reason I didn’t respond to the draft you sent me. I thank you for your work, but we’ll move ahead this way.”

  • NatOns

    God Bless Our Pope!

  • paulpriest

    Could someone please explain to me exactly what’s happening?
    I don’t know whether it’s the editing of this article or His Holiness not being clear/or himself uncertain about what’s being published when and either before or after which…
    Maybe I’m just thick…but I can’t make head nor tail of this.

    All I can say is I’m grateful for both documents – a papal exhortation on evangelization might make it clear to others exactly what is – and isn’t – New Evangelization.

    ….and if there is one abused term in the Post Vatican II Church it is ‘Faith’ – and thank God we have Pope Benedict XVI to instruct, inform, direct and counsel on this most fundamental of Virtues.


    That’s pretty cool to hear.

  • Sara_TMS_again

    My understanding is that there is only one document, the encyclical on Faith, which will come out before the end of the liturgical Year of Faith, next November.

    There should also have been issued in the same period a post-synodal exhortation from the Pope addressing last October’s synod on the New Evangelisation. However, Francis is proposing to deal with the issues raised at the synod in his encyclical, instead of issuing a separate post-synodal exhortation. He acknowledges the draft exhortation that the episcopal committee elected by that synod has sent in, but says he is not going to use it.


  • paulpriest

    So it’s going to be like a tag-on appendix/extrapolation written in light of the contents of the Encyclical?

    A kind of Pastoral endorsement?
    Thanks :)
    I suppose we’ll wait with breath bated

  • Irenaeus of New York

    And there was much rejoicing!

  • Burt

    Benedict come back! you can see even more clearly the answer is to anathematise the Second Council. I do miss Pope Benedict.

  • catholic

    Open Letter to Pope Francis.
    Dear Holy Father
    If I am not mistaken four bishops need to be appointed in Scotland and also the top job of cardinal of Scotland is also vacant. Its not right for diocese to be without their shepherds for long;
    In USA from what i can read from seven diocese are without bishops and a further seven has bishops serving beyond the age of 75. So that is 14 bishops that can be filled by the many good priests there. Hopefully in the mode of Pope Benedicts appointments they will be priests who ae good spirtual formators/ex directors of seminaries who combine some pastrol experience and I hope they are not all Jesuits or Franciscans.
    Thank you and God Bless You.
    Be assured of our prayers for you always.

  • NatOns

    Yet the truly awesome witness of Benedict XVI – a rarely understood saint in our midst – has never been one of cursing the Spirit-guided Fathers of the Second Vatican Council (wilfully obscure as they often aimed at being in their infallibly authorised pastoral teachings). He set Vatican II in its proper – and original – design, that of offering a positively viewed continuity in Sacred Tradition .. that is, with the Dogmatic Council at Vatican I, Trent et al; not what the spirit of the Age of Aquarius set out to make it become. Where conflict arises – as it usually will with conciliar acts, especially those seeking to unite two parties (and more) – then it is for the Holy Father to resolve this (with assistance if he so decides) .. not individual theologians, nuns on the run, or isolated societies (least of all those willingly trapped in schism).