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Vatican cardinal prays for peace in London interfaith service

By on Friday, 14 June 2013

Archbishop Emeritus Kevin McDonald, centre, poses with Cardinal Tauran and other religious leaders (Mazur/

Archbishop Emeritus Kevin McDonald, centre, poses with Cardinal Tauran and other religious leaders (Mazur/

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran took part in an inter-religious “prayer for peace” service in London yesterday.

Cardinal Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, also visited a Hindu temple in north-west London.

During his visit to the temple he was presented with a garland and given a tilaka, a smearing of powder on the forehead.

Today he is visiting a Jain temple in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

The “prayer for peace” event at Westminster Cathedral Hall was inspired by the World Day of Prayer for Peace at Assisi convened by Blessed Pope John Paul II. It was attended by politicians including the Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather as well as Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Zoroastrians, among others.

Photos of the trip can be seen here.

  • PaulF

    Please complete the quote bluesuede. The last two words are the most important:
    “… but we can meet on our knees as Christians.”

  • PaulF

    bluesuede, can you be honest enough to complete the quote. It ends:

    ” … but we can meet on our knees as Christians.”

  • Peter

    If you have a problem with the definition of men as human beings of either sex, then take it up with the Oxford English dictionary, not with me.

    Meanwhile in Catholic tradition, the Church is recognised as a mother who nourishes and protects her children and is therefore referred to as she.

    Finally, in sonship, the state of being a son, the word son is understood in the biblical sense as being both male and female, as we are all sons of men, descendants of Adam.

  • agent.provocateur

    This is truly horrible news. First of all, it is a very superficial and hypocritical action. Secondly, it can weaken the faith of already tested Western Catholics. Finally, the day could have been spend in a much better way – e.g. pro-life or pro-family March etc. I pray for all faithful Catholics to keep the faith…a real white martyrdom in the century (at least USA/ Western EUROPE).

  • agent.provocateur

    Well, I am no fan of Islam and I don’t think Muhammad was a great spiritual leader, BUT it is true the Muslims value family life more than we Europeans and it is also true the call to prayer is much loved and cherished in Islam. How many Catholics churches still ring the bells at noon today?


    I really do think you should have a quiet word with your GP……

  • Dolorosa

    This is the one world church of antichirst which will bring a false peace. This is the new church of Vatican II and the modernism warned about by St Pius X. We must return to the traditions always taught and the Latin Tridentine Mass which is the one true Roman Rite as before Vatican II.

  • James M

    “However, being unbaptised, they have no heavenly representation, yet they have responded to God’s grace and participate in the Paschal Mystery. Consequently, by virtue of that participation, they have an unalienable right to representation, even though that representation cannot be heavenly.

    They are therefore represented by the visible Church on earth which mediates for them and intercedes on their behalf….”

    ## Responded – how ? Christ is the Unique Mediator, and outside of Him there is and can be no salvation. St. Peter is very clear on this in Acts 4.12. All salvation is in Christ alone. And how can the unbaptised have a “right” to God’s grace ? How do they “participate in the Paschal Mystery” ? If they are not “in Christ”, they are still the slaves of the evil one; for if we are not Christ’s, we are slaves to the devil & subject to God’s Wrath.

    People do not need to be Christians to be prayed for by the Saints – the intercession of the Saints is inextricable from the mediation of Christ. If the Saints pray for the conversion of the heathen, that is the Prayer of Christ; they cannot pray without Him. And as His intercession is not based on human desert but on His grace, the heathen have no need to participate in Him in any way before they are brought from the darkness of error to life in Him.

    “Consequently, the visible Church on earth exercises an informal leadership, an implicit pastoral care, over non-Christians…”

    ## STM this goes well beyond what can be claimed for the Church’s jurisdiction – it risks collapsing the Church into the world, as though they two were not distinct. But Christ has instituted the Church that all nations might enter into it; He has founded it to be catholic. Christ has universal jurisdiction over the entire human race, whether believing in Him or opposed to Him – the Church has jurisdiction over the members of His Body only once they are made His members. To say otherwise is to make the Church a “kingdom of this world”, which it must never be.

  • James M

    “Hateful venom” ? LOL I’m a very, very tolerant and broad-minded person, but if objecting to the gutting of the Catholic Faith & the Catholic Church is indulging in “hateful venom”, then so be it. It is charitable to warn people against the horrible rubbish & outrageous piffle that too often passes for Catholicism these days – God has created us to find rest in Him Alone, and not in any of the false gods proposed to us by those treat religion as a mix and match of elements that never were found together in any religion known to man.

    If St. Ambrose of Milan was guilty of “hateful venom” by refusing to accept the attitude of the pagan senator Symmachus, who thought of all religions as equally valid – then a lot of Catholics are in excellent company. St.Peter said: “This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved”. If that was true just after the Pentecost – why is it not true now ? It is difficult to condemn the Cardinal’s action too severely – unless the traditional teaching of the Church is so much hot air. But if it is, what is the Cardinal more than the rest of us ?

    As for: “Likewise the Church is at the service of humanity; humanity is not at the service of the Church.” – No. The Church is to serve God, first, last, always & in all respects. Unless she is totally and utterly God’s, she will be useless at loving her neighbour. All nations are subject to Christ the Universal King – they are therefore, once they receive the Faith, subject to the Church by which He rules the Faithful. Granted, that is not the whole story – but it is part of it. The Church both rules & serves the nations – not one or other; just as the Lord & Bridegroom of the Church is the One Who served His disciples by washing their feet.

  • James M

    We do not “achieve divine sonship” – adoption as God’s sons is a grace of God, wholly beyond human power to attain by any act of ours. To be ours at all, it has to come as a sheer gift of God in no way due to us. It is a sheerly super-natural – therefore Divine, not human – endowment. Those not “in Christ”, are by definition not sharers in His Sonship.

    “Those who remain non-Christian” cannot “respond to God’s grace” by their own power, because to respond to His Grace is itself a grace. Even the inclination to prepare ourselves for conversion is a grace, for we could not prepare ourselves for it, if God did not anticipate us, and lays His hand on us first, to draw us to Himself.