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Vatican accountant arrested for alleged fraud

By on Friday, 28 June 2013

Mgr Scarano (Photo: PA)

Mgr Scarano (Photo: PA)

A priest who works as an accountant at the Vatican has been arrested by police for trying to bring €20 million (£17 million) into Italy from Switzerland illegally.

Mgr Nunzio Scarano, who works at the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, was arrested alongside a member of the Italian secret services and a financial broker.

The priest was already being investigated by police in his hometown of Salerno, southern Italy, for a series of suspicious transactions involving his account in the Vatican bank.

Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said Mgr Scarano had been suspended from his duties at the Vatican “for over a month, as soon as his superiors were informed that he was under investigation”.

The Holy See, he said, has promised to co-operate with the investigation but has not yet received any request to do so.

  • Julian Lord

    “priest” indeed !!!

    HE’S A BISHOP !!!!!!!

  • Hermit Crab

    Poor fellow.

  • Mark Nel

    Clearly no attention to detail.

  • bluesuede

    Ahhh, the timeless temptation to thievery. I’ll say a prayer for him.

  • CatholicBlogger

    A bishop IS a priest !!

  • Dave

    “Take heed and beware of all covetousness; for a man’ s life doth not consist in the abundance of things which he possesseth.”

  • ninaturner

    Another fine mess !!!

  • Frank W

    Is this a surprise to anyone?

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    All those who take up Priesthood as a profession end up as money bag grabbers.
    INSTITUTIONALISATION of the Church of The Lord is the first premise of all evils in the Church.

  • Chris

    Judas is alive a well I see!

  • Matty

    Until the Vatican is more open and accountable we’ll never be sure of what other things go on there

  • Irenaeus of New York

    The Church needs to get out of the international banking business where usury is institutionalized.

  • KolbesD

    He’s not been found guilty yet, and the Holy See haven’t even been asked by prosecutors to help with the investigation.

  • aspiring lay capuchin

    maybe he takes the fall for others?

  • Jon Brownridge

    Priests are not ordained to be accountants. That should be left to lay bureaucrats at the Vatican.

  • ostrava

    Well now: in a group such as the Apostles the Treasurer performs a useful and necessary function – there is no call to let the activities of Judas Iscariot outside that function give all bean-counters a bad name!

  • Nick

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone

  • pizzharo lamechkxs Mary ogwal

    honestly, its unfortunate for mgsr.