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Thousands buy tickets for rare chance to view Lindisfarne Gospels

By on Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Lindisfarne Gospels: one of the world’s most precious books (PA)

The Lindisfarne Gospels: one of the world’s most precious books (PA)

More than 25,000 people have bought tickets for a rare opportunity to see one of the world’s most precious copies of the Gospels in Durham.

More than 2,000 people have seen the Lindisfarne Gospels at the Palace Green Library since the exhibition opened on Monday.

Dr Keith Bartlett, programme director for the Lindisfarne Gospels, told Chronicle Live: “The first day has been great. We have been at capacity. Everyone has been very excited and we have had a constant flow of people who have learned a lot.”

“The gospels were written to be with St Cuthbert’s body and we are very excited to be bringing them back to Durham.”

The Gospels, which were produced around the year 700, will remain on display for three months, until September 30. They are normally displayed in the British Library in London.

  • mikethelionheart

    Will we hear a single Catholic bishop call for their return to their rightful owners?
    Don’t hold your breath.

  • Myshkin

    It is so edifying to pause before such a great work of art and contemplate the persons in the act of writing it and drawing the illustrations — painstakingly, lovingly done. Such a sense of continuity merely by gazing upon these pages, and reflecting upon the eyes and the hands looking, dipping the pen into the ink, & touching; looking, dipping, touching — ink to vellum. I would love to have the opportunity to touch such a work, and to feel the connection with the Catholics who “wrote” this iconographic Gospel.

    We are, indeed, so much closer to our antecedents in the Faith than so many people nowadays ever stop to consider. There is an unbroken line of Faith, Hope, and Love that stretches all the way back to our Savior — just as in the Apostolic succession that gives us our own Bishops and lowly parish priests.

    Probably no more than 100 men and women in a line would take us straight back to Galilee, to Jerusalem.

    The Lindisfarne Gospel is a pilgrimage — merely by gazing upon it — to times not so removed from our own; to the people who preceded us in Faith; to the Apostles; to Jesus.

    What a blessing and treasure.


    Not bitter are we?

  • dbwheeler

    Isn’t charging money for something holy called simony? Who is profiting from this?

  • mikethelionheart

    £16 per person to go into St Paul’s Cathedral.
    £16 per person to go into the stolen church of Westminster Abbey.
    Just sums up the so-called ‘Church of England’.

  • mikethelionheart

    Err, yeah.

  • dbwheeler

    It certainly does! I was disgusted that they were charging money to view Winchester Cathedral, just one of many that do so. Reminded me of the money changers in the Temple that Jesus cast out with a whip. The Germans had to return the art they’d stolen from the French, the Americans have refunded or returned land to Indians in Maine,and have given billions to support native Americans and it’s about time the C of E returned what has never belonged to them. Edward I made England the dower of Mary. I suppose the new ‘owners’ will build minarets on all the Cathedrals and prayers from the koran will silence all the bells.

  • Agnus

    All those pilfered Catholic CHURCHES need returning to their “rightful owner” too.

  • togold

    You have turned my house into a house of Tourists!

  • togold

    No, don’t saddle us with the cost of the upkeep of hundreds of crumbling catherdrals