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WYD 2013: Pope Francis leaves for Brazil carrying his own bag

By on Monday, 22 July 2013

The Pope is greeted by cabin crew at Leonardo Da Vinci airport (AP)

The Pope is greeted by cabin crew at Leonardo Da Vinci airport (AP)

Pope Francis boarded a flight to Rio de Janeiro this morning, beginning the first apostolic journey of his pontificate.

He was pictured walking up the stairs to the plane carrying his own travel bag.

The plane left Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome at 8:45am and will arrive in Brazil at 4pm Rome time.

Shortly after he touches down the Pope will take part in an arrival ceremony at Rio’s Galeao-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport.

An hour later he will attend a welcoming ceremony in the Guanabara Palace garden, where he will make a speech.

Afterwards, he will pay a courtesy visit to Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff in the Guanabara Palace.

The Pope is travelling to Brazil for World Youth Day, which officially begins tomorrow and ends on July 28.

  • Burt

    Pope Benedict flew a Helicopter as Pope? Really? I don’t know quite why but that is a very funny image you’ve painted.

  • Mark

    Catholics for free choice, Voice of the Faithful, Challenge the Church movements etc. are the liberal-militant-activists that I was talking about and you were right and I agree with you, no dispute, however, just like I said before they are such people where the filth is coming from and NOT from the real Catholic youths including some of my family members and friends who attended WYD. Hope you understand.

  • Mark

    It’s not a mortal sin to interpret the Bible, where did you get that? So by your own words you are contradicted yourself. Of course only the Church has the authority to interpret the Bible but it’s not the point of our argument. The Catholic Church is made up of men that has authoritatively interpreted the Bible that you and I should abide…so still interpreted! :-)

    Again every written document is subject to human interpretation, that’s a fact.

  • Aileen

    he is simple humble. Let us learn from him than to criticize

  • Julian Lord

    t’s not a mortal sin to interpret the Bible


    Mortal sin occurs when some objectively, formally, or substantially false understandings of the Revelation as it is provided in Scripture are taught as if these denials of God’s teachings were to be believed, whereas the Truth of Revelation insofar as it is provided to us subsists in the Catholic Church, and subsists nowhere else.

    every written document is subject to human interpretation

    In reality, written records of God’s direct instructions to mankind are only properly interpreted by God Himself, and are only deficiently interpreted by ourselves.