Three million young people join in prayer vigil with Holy Father

01:17 We will now leave you to pray and adore in silence with the WYD pilgrims and Pope Francis, who have their eyes fixed on the Blessed Sacrament. Good night and God Bless.

01:15 You can watch the prayer vigil live here.

01:12 You can now read the full text of Pope Francis’s address at this evening’s prayer vigil.

01:09 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is now about to begin at the prayer vigil.

01:06: John Allen analyses Pope Francis’s speech at the prayer vigil this evening.

01:02 Cardinal O’Malley tweets:

@cardinalsean Pope Francis told us that we are the “field of faith” into which God’s Word is sown. What kind of soil will we give Him? #WYD #JMJRio2013

00:57 Pope Francis tells the youth that they are “Christ’s athletes” and that they should follow Mary’s example of obedience to God’s will.

00:55 Pope Francis says that the Church should be the protagonists for change and appeals to the young to do this. In an orderly and peaceful way the young should be motivated by Gospel values. Pope Francis pleads with the young not to stand on the sidelines but to get involved.

00:51 Prayer, sacraments and service to all are the three things we need as Christians, says Pope Francis. He asks young people to build a world of justice, love and peace. In the Church of Jesus we are the “living stones” says Pope Francis and says that the Church should be a home for everyone. Tonight let us say “yes Lord I want to be a living stone.”

00:47 Pope Francis says that many young people love sports. He explains that when a player is asked to join a team they have to train hard and as disciples we also need to work hard. The Pope explains that Jesus offers us something bigger than the World Cup. Jesus offers us the possibility of a fruitful life and an eternal life but he asks us to pay the entrance price. That means we ‘get in shape’ to face without fear every life situation, bearing witness to our Faith. Pope Francis says we need to ask: “Do I pray? Do I speak to Jesus? Or am I afraid of the silence? Do I let the Holy Spirit speak to my heart?” Asking Jesus to speak to you is training, says Pope Francis.

00:41 ‘The field of faith’ is your heart and your life, Pope Francis tells the young. You can’t be a “part time Christian.” He reminds them that you can’t claim to be a Christian and do nothing about it.

00:38 Pope Francis tells pilgrims that the Lord is calling the young. The true ‘Campus Fidei” is the Church, rather than a geographical place. The three images which help us to understand what it means to be a disciple are 1) a field as a place for sewing seeds 2) a field as a training ground 3) a field as a construction site.

00:35 Pope Francis recalls God’s call to St Francis to go and rebuild his House. St Francis realised this meant “to make the countenance of Christ shine” within the Church and the Lord needs young people in his Church.

00:32 The Prayer of St Francis of Assisi is now sung: “Lord make me an instrument of your peace…”

00:28 Greg Burke tweets:

@GregBurkeRome #PopeFrancis: Church must be able to warm hearts
Looks like the heat is on
#jmj_es #PapaFrancisco #vigilia”

00:19 Rome Reports has a short video of the Pope’s arrival at Copacabana Beach this evening.

00:08 Pope Francis is hearing personal testimonies of faith from young people. A disabled man, giving his testimony of faith, appeals to pilgrims to show their crosses to the Pope and say “this is our Cross.”

00:00 The lady now singing at World Youth Day, at the prayer vigil, is British.

23.31 The estimated number of people now at the prayer vigil is an incredible 3 million.

23:28 Pope Francis is now entering the stage and the prayer vigil is about to begin. Pope Francis stops to greet his brother cardinals.

23:23 The Huffington Post reports that Pope Francis is now the most influential leader on Twitter.

23:09 Eric Marrapodi tweets

@EricCNNBelief #POPE is in the white papal overcoat tonight.Pretty brisk night here.

23:03 You can watch WYD 2013 live here.

23:00 Pope Francis briefly models a sombrero while on the popemobile.

22:49 Jo-Anne Rowney tweets

@JoAnneRowney Papa Francisco, jovens de Cristo! is all I can hear at the moment, pilgrims are banging drums around me. Watching #Pope approach on screen

22:41 Pope Francis has arrived at the prayer vigil and is about to board the popemobile.

22:38 Rocco Palmo tweets

BOOM! RT @wyd_en: An estimated 3 million people are now at Copacabana Beach …

22:33 2 million pilgrims are estimated at tonight’s prayer vigil.

22:30 Pope Francis tweets

Dear young friends, learn to pray every day: this is the way to know Jesus and invite him into your lives. #Rio2013 #JMJ

22:26 Cardinal Dolan of New York admires the view on Copacabana Beach.

22:21 Rocco Palmo tweets

@roccopalmo Pope still to arrive for #Rio2013 Vigil, Copacabana crowd already in excess of 2 million. (via @FatherRoderick)

22:12 WYD English tweets

@wyd_en Pilgrms are waiting for the arrival of #PopeFrancis as the stage fills up with Bishops and guests #WYD #Rio2013

22:08 Following Pope Francis’s departure tonight, approximately 200 young Brazilians recovering from drug addiction will go on stage and perform with the band “Gen Rosso,” which is part of the Focolare movement.

22:04 During tonight’s vigil, different pilgrims will share their stories of suffering and faith before Pope Francis.

21:58 Welcome to the Catholic Herald live blog where we will be following Pope Francis at World Youth Day 2013.

Tonight Pope Francis is due to lead a prayer vigil and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Copacabana Beach , in Rio de Janeiro, where up to 3 million pilgrims are expected to assemble.

World Youth Day will conclude tomorrow with a Papal Mass at 10am, Rio time, which will be celebrated by Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has appealed to pilgrims so far to keep “Christ at the centre of their lives” in keeping with this year’s WYD motto: “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

His visit so far has included the Pope opening a drug rehabilitation centre and visiting a local favela.

Yesterday evening the Pope presided over the Stations of the Cross on Copacabana Beach where hundreds of thousands attended.