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Pope Francis says he plans to visit Assisi, Jerusalem and Asia

By on Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pope addresses journalists on his return flight to Rome (CNS)

Pope addresses journalists on his return flight to Rome (CNS)

Pope Francis plans to visit Italy, Jerusalem and Asia in his next series of foreign trips.

At the end of his trip to Brazil, Pope Francis also told reporters that it is good for a pope to travel and there are plans in the works for visits in Italy, to Jerusalem, to Asia, but nothing planned soon for his Argentine homeland.

During his flight back to Rome, following World Youth Day he said: “I think papal trips are always good.”

Pope Francis said that the papal trip was good for Brazil “not just because of the Pope’s presence, but because for World Youth Day they mobilised and did so well that it will help the whole church,” he said.

As for future foreign trips, Pope Francis said there is “nothing definite-definite.”

What is definite, he said, is a trip to Cagliari, Italy on September 22, to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria, the Marian title that led to the name of the Pope’s hometown, Buenos Aires.

He will also visit Assisi on October 4 for the feast of St Francis.

He also said he hoped to make a one-day trip to northern Italy to visit his relatives with whom he speaks often by phone, but has not had an opportunity to visit since becoming pope in March.

  • NatOns

    Now this is a much safer place for our beloved Pope Francis to be: evangelical outreach – whether set free to espouse Franciscan ideals or constrained, at last, to teach the Living Faith aka Sacred Tradition.

    On a different but related and currently media-super-heated topic: the painful penance placed on the Franciscans of the Immaculate; this evangelical sense of outreach can be made a good starting point.

    Far from being a disaster to the freedoms graciously given to the whole Church, i.e. the Catholic Church, under Summorum Pontificum this punishment on a religious order’s fraternal dissensions is the timely reminder that many needed. As the Holy Father points out on the cause, medium and effect of youthful evangelisation: ‘not just because of the Pope’s presence, but because for World Youth Day they mobilised and did so well that it will help the whole church’ .. this, rather than fractious bickering, has to be the defining factor in the New Liturgical Movement and the revival of Catholic theologian movements. Not simply the sterling – and incomparable – work of graced-faith that many willing and eager souls have so far mobilised (and thank the good Lord for this outpouring of graces, miracles and witnesses), rather it is the humanly impossible task ahead that engages us already: to help the whole Church, the body of Christ, Jesus in Person; to visit those imprisoned, and to free those locked in prison to their own will, to feed those who are hungry, not least those who have been starved of the Catholic Faith, to cloth the naked, especially those who have cast aside the Baptism robes or who deny they have been clothed by God at all .. the whole world.

    It is, after all, never enough to worship God as He has required of us, rather than as we so create for ourselves, for that worshipful faith – if it is worship of the Lord our God – has to seen in effect, being perfected in the works of saving faith. The Franciscans of the Immaculate have long shown this at work, taking the dirtiest jobs, the most deprived areas, the hardest of hardened hearts to soften; now even more is expected, to move beyond even this place of ritual comfort. If the Holy Father wants to see pastoral care among gay men and women, the divorced and remarried, the addict, prostitute, abortion-targets, ignorant, wanting and despised – as he should – it is the orthodox Catholic who must once again be there first and foremost (as we always have been, if unseen by worldly eyes), without personalised prejudices, ready-packaged answers, or hard hearted ‘charity’.

    Assisting the Franciscans of the Immaculate to show that the New Order of the Mass need not be a den for promoting satanic smoke in the sanctuary – and what the Fathers at the Second Vatican Council had in mind as authentic liturgy – is not difficult, if the will is there the means to the ends is at our fingertips .. but with it there must be an open handed charitable use of such resources for those who cannot afford them (or who do not even recognise they need them in their impoverished lives) is an integral part of this worship – if Christ is to be witnessed:

  • Frere Rabit

    Well, he cannot do much about banning the Old Mass in Assisi, as the moribund OFMs and Conventuals do not even bother with it. So just have a great day out, Bishop of Rome. Maybe pop into San Damiano and see if Jesus speaks to you, eh?