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Parents must teach children to defend life, says Pope

By on Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pope Francis celebrates Mass on Copacabana Beach during WYD (AP)

Pope Francis celebrates Mass on Copacabana Beach during WYD (AP)

Respect for human life from conception until natural death is something parents must teach their children, Pope Francis has said.

“Parents are called to pass on to their children the awareness that life must always be defended,” Pope Francis wrote in a message to people joining in the Brazilian Catholic Church’s celebration of Family Week, which began on Sunday.

The Pope returned to his condemnation of the “throwaway culture”, something he spoke against several times during his visit to Brazil for World Youth Day in July. He had said that modern cultures tend to treat even human lives as disposable, pointing to the way people, societies and even governments tend to treat both the young and the old.

In his message for Family Week, he said parents have a responsibility to fight that disposable culture by teaching their children that human life, “from the womb,” is a gift from God. New life ensures the future of humanity, he said, while older people, especially grandparents, “are the living memory of a people and transmit the wisdom of life.”

The Pope also charged married Catholic couples and their children with the task of recognising they must be “the most convincing heralds” of the beauty and grace of Christian marriage.

  • NatOns

    God bless our Pope!

    How are parents to convince their children of the seriousness of terminating the life of an innocent human being? After all, the leaders of the Catholic Church merely mumble and grumble or huff and puff against politicians and religious who publicly and defiantly support a legalised right to choose death! Offering nice sounding, media friendly, positivity coated truths to the young is one thing, telling them the reality, substance and truth of the Catholic Faith is another; fortunately, young minds are not so easily fobbed off in sniffing out the Truth amid the adult compromises .. unfortunately, startling advertisement is often rather more effective than a parental chat.

    God Bless Our Pope – we need him more than he may realise!

  • $28180339

    If the Catholic parents, who send their children to Sunday school, have a difficult time explaining what the 5th Commandment is all about to their youngsters, catechists like myself do not. I am also fortunate enough to have a Religious Director who purchases religion workbooks that have been approved by my orthodox bishop & follows the standards established by the USSCB.

    In my experience, telling children what all the Catholic beliefs are without mincing words & not getting graphic, is the best approach. Answer their follow-up questions with age appropriate words. As a parent of 4, I know this process works with abortion, euthanasia, & many other hard-to-understand Catholic beliefs.

    Your bishops will eventually catch on; it is taking the American bishops 20+ yrs to begin to eliminate the wishy-washy interpretations of Catholic doctrine.

  • NatOns

    God bless and keep you: Would that many more pastors of the Catholic Church could also offer this witness to the seriousness of abortion, euthanasia and suicide – answering ‘follow-up questions with age appropriate words’ and actions. Rather, it is – in my experience – an all but total inaction that can so woefully undermine the good work of parents, faithful catechists and evangelically minded priests. For works without actions are soon exposed by the piercing clarity of youthful scrutiny in living out the Light of Faith .. even if wishy-washy interpretations sooth the ageing flesh deep-soaked in a welcome soft soap compromise.

    ‘You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was brought to completion by the works.’ Jam 2 : 22.

    Ooops! I believe I have voted myself Up .. unintentionally, I assure you all (age-related, degenerative, multi-fingered, eye-failing, sheer old fashioned numptiness).


  • paulpriest

    Ok Your Holiness – how about a deal?

    We’ll do it ibut ask in return that you perform your duty and promise to ensure your Brother Bishops & their priests learn likewise and preach and teach accordingly and implement Catholic teaching and its regulations in regard to the Sanctitiy of Life everywhere at all times – without exception or compromise.

  • JamesH

    No amount of pulpit-thumping can replace the experience of growing up in a pro-life environment. We can change the bishops’ inactivity by our own activity.

  • Ted

    I will say it again and again – Thank you Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother for procuring such a wonderful Pope for us! We are in desperate need of this man in these times. Let us all say a prayer for him.