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Pope Francis: Muslims and Christians must work together

By on Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pope Francis waves to the crowd in St Peter's Square as he arrives to lead the Angelus (CNS)

Pope Francis waves to the crowd in St Peter's Square as he arrives to lead the Angelus (CNS)

Pope Francis called on Muslims and Christians to “work together”, during his Angelus address in St Peter’s Square on Sunday.

After reciting the Angelus with the thousands of pilgrims gathered in the square, Pope Francis said he wanted to extend his greetings to “Muslims throughout the world, our brothers and sisters, who have just celebrated the end of the month of Ramadan, which is dedicated in a special way to fasting, prayer and almsgiving.”

Pope Francis had written a message to the world’s Muslims for their celebration of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the month of fasting.

Echoing the theme of the message, he told the crowd that he hoped “Christians and Muslims will work together to promote mutual respect,” especially through the way they educate the younger generation.

The Pontiff also asked the pilgrims to think about what Jesus said to his disciples in the Gospel of Luke: “Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

“Do you have a heart that desires or a closed heart, a sleeping heart, an anaesthetised heart?” he asked. “And what, for you, is the most important, most precious thing, that which attracts your heart like a magnet?”

Many people would respond that their family is the most important thing, he said. That’s good, but “what is the force that holds your family together? It’s love, and the one who sows love in our hearts is God.”

Pope Francis told the crowd that God’s love gives meaning to all the daily tasks in a Christian’s life, and it is what helps people face trials.

“To move forward in life with love, with that love that the Lord has sown in our hearts, with the love of God – that is a true treasure,” he said.

  • AlanP

    But those verses are not actually wrong. From our perspective, this is what happens. Just as from the sun’s perspective, the earth goes round it in 365 days, a fact never denied by the Bible.
    Quite apart from the fact that the Bible was never meant to be a scientific textbook.

  • Jon Brownridge

    Finding a tomb with Jesus’ body in it has no bearing on the meaning of the Resurrection. And you should “re-examine everything you have believed in” in order to develop your Faith beyond that of a young child.

  • Julian Lord

    Did you get your catechesis for free in a box of rice krispies, or did you find it in the street ?

  • Jon Brownridge

    Anyone who has been involved in Religious Education knows that spiritual progress and faith development are paramount. One cannot remain at a child’s level forever. As one of the few intellectually honest contributors to this site, you should be aware of that.

  • Jon Brownridge

    So are you really saying that your understanding of the Faith is exactly the same as it was when you were a 5-year old in primary school? What an astonishing admission! Surely spiritual growth is the whole purpose of Religious Education.

  • Jon Brownridge

    Indoctrination in terms of contentious material and a dogmatic pedagogy is well defined. It has nothing to do with my views or anyone else’s views. Of course atheists can be indoctrinated too. Indoctrination is mis-education and it happens too often in the context of Religious Education – the kind that does not allow honest thinking and discussion.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    No supporting politicians. We support a cause and thus we do good which pleases the Lord.


  • Julian Lord

    The degree of one’s Faith is entirely independent of any such factors, but it is principally determined by the depth of the Love that one has for God and for one’s fellow creatures.

  • la Catholic state

    I support politicians who support good causes….especially Christian ones. They too have their duty to do in their office. May God Bless them.

  • Jon Brownridge

    Neither one, JP. I got it from six years theology in the seminary, and then through a long, arduous Ph.D. program in genetic epistemology. I then applied my research to fight the horrors of religious indoctrination in schools and to promote a much more honest and open approach to religious education and spiritual development. And I wouldn’t touch rice krispies anyway – cornflake boxes provide better goodies.

  • Benedict Carter

    Because they have changed the teaching on the Jews. Alan, if you have to even ask the question “What on earth has Modernism to do with it?” you show your understanding of the current crisis to be zero.

  • SimonS

    I would shout at children to get out of the way of a car irrespective of whether the car heading for them was on the wrong side. Perhaps a more apt analogy:

    A driver is in the wrong lane in the motorway, sufficiently close to a junction that they are going to miss the turn to their destination and (at best) will have to go the long way around.

    The driver’s navigational error is entirely independent of a judgement we may make about the quality and safety of their driving.

    A human being is still a human being even if we perceive that they have made grave errors in their judgement about the purpose and nature of life. Ultimately we all have to live together, and cooperation and understanding in the realms of shared goals and values as a consequence of our shared humanity is a prerequisite for even starting the conversation about the things we disagree on.

  • Agnus

    With Christ It IS only black and white anything in between is from the evil one.

    1 John 2:22-23

    New International Version (NIV)

    22 Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son. 23 No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.

    I hope that the Holy Father has been mistranslated here. OUR Brothers and Sisters are those of Our Faith. Others are to be preached to to convert, and our only instructions are that if they refuse to listen to the Truth of Christ then we are meant to “wipe the dust off our feet ” and leave them!

    Nowhere does it state that we should “work together” with those who deny Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son? If they are injured, or starving, we show mercy and minister to them. Christ Himself has stated Himself to be Truly God, the only begotten Son of a Virgin. What nincompoop would make a friend of someone who denied Christ to be whom He stated Himself to be? Heretics are inspired by Heretical angels, intent on them remaining Heretics. . The Church Fathers recommend we steer clear of those not of the Faith lest our innocence be corrupted by their Heretical words, actions, lifestyles.

    I am terribly sorry for voicing this, but we are meant to give our lives to preach the truth of the Gospel , if we profess to be Disciples of Christ, yet believe others have the right to their own views then perhaps we would let the side down LESS if we were to become a member of one of the more liberal branches of Protestantism – “Chrislam” might be more to your taste.

    If we are not prepared to stand up and tell Muslims that they are wrong without blushing, then how, can we expect to sit at the same table at the Heavenly Feast, as people of the calaibre of St Thomas Moore, St Peter, and St Margaret Clitherow? All of whom remained so faithful to Christ that they were martyred rather than compromise the Scriptures one inch.

    Christ shed His blood for us, this FALSE luke warm Christ that some so-called Catholics are foisting on society is nothing but a compromising fake Global peace plan created by anarchists and satanists that turns Jesus Christ the one truly begotten Divine Son of the Hebrew God into somebody who is a cross between a budhist, a socialist and a supporter of same sex unions and child murder..(Abortion)

    Christ states unequivocably that we must be prepared to shed our blood preaching His TRUE Gospel, or we will not inherit the Kingdom.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    Just by being baptized one does not become Christ or of Christ necessarily or else the whole world would have been Christian years ago. Even after 2000 years it is not the case. Those who call themselves ‘Christian’ are themselves divided into innumerable groups.

    Our human condition is a complex one due to our sinful condition. Hence seeing things only in black and white may not serve the cause of commonsense, Charity and Truth.

    “I hope that the Holy Father has been mistranslated here. OUR Brothers and Sisters are those of Our Faith.”

    It can be one way of reaching out to others by way human goodwill.


  • agnus

    “You may be clear to yourself in your mind. But in your communication in and through your writing here……”

    Eh ??????

    Fact lot of good soft-soap talk is – Christ’s Politics are as follows

    MP’s want Abortion

    Christ and His Church teach that they are an intrinsic evil

    MP’s want Same-sex Marriage
    Christ and His Church teaches that that is an abomination before God

    MP’s are pushing in many cases for “Assisted Suicide”
    Christ and His Church call that MURDER!

    MP’s tell us to stop pushing our faith down other people’s throats
    Christ tells us that we should be willing to lay down our lives preaching the Gospel if necessary. If we don’t, we just are not worthy of HIS sacrifice for us.

    Isn’t that clear Father? I don’t think it’s muddle-headed – it’s standard Christian teaching going back 2000 years. If we vote against Christ and His policies unless we repent in sackcloth and ashes we risk losing his Kingdom due to our hypocrisy and our adultery with the false gods of the modern pagan culture.

    I hope I haven’t offended you – but there IS a war on, a spiritual war between Christ and the Devil, and unless we fight for HIS Kingdom to be established here on earth, we are likely to regret it later. Don’t delay start preaching against the culture and save some souls.

  • Agnus

    That is why we should not underestimate the “receiving of the Holy Spirit” during the Sacrament of Confimation”.

    The anointing with Chrism – certainly assisted me in my boldness in evangelizing for Christ’s Kingdom! By the way, apparently as far as Judasim relates to Christianity. The Sacrament of “Baptism” replaces ” Circumcision” in the Old Hebrew Covenant and the Sacrament of Confirmation (Descent of the Holy Spirit) replaces the Old Covenant “Bah Mitzvah”

    Evidently, that is why from the earliest days of the Church, due to it’s roots in Judaism, the Church has always performed the Sacred Ritual of Baptism on Infants.

  • Agnus

    No that sounds too ambiguous to be the One True Church that Jesus Christ founded. There is ONE Truth! If the teaching of the Post-Conciliar Council contradicts that of any previous council, the Truth “canonised” by that previous Council MUST prevail. If clarity is not taught, then all sorts of errors and false teachings get muddled up amongst the true teachings and the only one who benefits from THAT spiritual nightmare is the Devil. Just accept you have joined a 2000 year old Church and learn to submit to the TRUE Church, don’t insist on it being pleasing to yourself. There are too many Protestant sects creating false churches in their own image for us to allow the same to occur within Christ’s own Church. If we are found guilty of allowing it to happen, we will be held accountable by Him for our negligence in not ensuring the correct degree of continuity was maintained.

  • Agnus

    “Sanhedrin 106a. Jesus’ mother was a whore: “She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters.”

    Footnote to Shabbath 104b. Jesus’ mother, “Miriam the hairdresser,” had
    sex with many men.”

    If you honestly believe that to object to THIS outrageous lying blasphemy is “anti-semitism” you are no loyal Roman Catholic. These are foul slanders and must be acknowledged as so.

    Everyone, – this comment I am replying to is a clear case of how “ecumenism” and “permitting others the free will to read their own religious teachings” can be exposed for what it is. A luke warm, anti-Christian, I just do not care enough attitude towards defending OUR Lord and the Holy Church He shed His precious blood for. Thank goodness St Thomas More, or the exiled Priests that compiled the “Douay Rheims” PERFECT Catholic Bible during the Reformation did not suffer from such a low level of passion for Our Lord – How can you drive the demons OUT if you allow them to speak and preach without chastising them in Our Lord’s Holy Name?

    Pre Vatican II Saints would have preferred to have shed their blood in order to defend Our Lord and Our Lady’s honour from slander such as this.

    Wake up! Fight for Our Lord – or risk Our Lord calling you “complaissant” to others treachery. and slow to defend His Honour.

    PS And NO I am not an anti-Semite. I am far more Jewish in my Catholicism then anybody else I know. Because the Catholic Faith, when practiced correctly is not that much different to Orthodox Judaism – The same God was worshiped in Judaism that is continually worshiped in Roman Catholicism. Our God simply became HIMSELF the Lamb permanently atoning for the sins of His people – so How COULD there be a difference in the way He is worshiped especially since Old Testament books such as Ezekial and Leviticus state very clearly just what form that worship of Him should take?

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    No offense.

    There is only “one thing necessary”.

    Fighting on different fronts gets one exhausted and defeated. We must not waste or destroy our only one life here on earth.


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