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Pro life campaigners criticise CPS over sex-selective abortion

By on Thursday, 5 September 2013

Keir Starmer QC, the director of public prosecutions

Keir Starmer QC, the director of public prosecutions

Pro life campaigners have criticised the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that doctors who arranged illegal abortions based on the sex of the baby will not be prosecuted.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children’s general secretary and senior political officer Paul Tully said: “If offering to kill a child, for payment, for such a callous reason as that she is the ‘wrong sex,’ is not against the public interest, then it is hard to think anything could be.”

Mr Tully continued: “However, prosecuting the doctors responsible is not the most important matter.  Stopping the organisations that countenance this kind of practice, such as the abortion clinics and the Department of Health’s Sexual Health Team, is much more important.  These are the bodies that Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, should seek to clamp down upon.

“Last year the government’s Chief Medical Officer wrote to all abortion clinics and NHS abortion hospitals spelling out the limited grounds for abortion in law. This appears to have made no difference at all to the widespread illicit practice of abortion on demand.

“MPs like Anna Soubry, the health minister, and Department of Health officials continue to prompt doctors to offer abortion on demand.  Those responsible for the appalling tide of abortions in Britain have entirely ignored the Chief Medical Officer’s letter and continue to follow official guidance requiring doctors to provide abortion virtually on demand.

“The Abortion Act is morally wrong and medically ill-founded – and it demonstrates how legalising abortion for ‘hard cases’ is so easily abused. Sex-discrimination abortion is just one example. Since being appointed as health secretary, Jeremy Hunt has done nothing to enforce any of the grounds for abortion required in the law. His predecessor, Andrew Lansley, declared in the wake of the Daily Telegraph story last year, that it was his job as Health Secretary to enforce the law in this area, yet neither he nor Mr. Hunt have made any impact on abortion on demand. The non-prosecution of blatant abuses shows how difficult this will be.”

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Legal Centre (CLC), commented: “By failing to follow through on its investigation the CPS is abdicating from its responsibility to make sure the law is kept.

“This is contrary to the law. Parliament makes the law and the CPS should enforce it.

“Its actions communicate that sex selection abortions are practically legal – something the vast majority of Britons would find reprehensible.

“We believe in the rule of law and that girls should not be terminated because boys are wanted.

“We shall be seeking counsel’s opinion and are considering a judicial review of this decision.”

  • teigitur

    This country just gets more and more bizarre. You really could not make it up.

  • $20596475

    The decision by the CPS is now being reviewed, on the instructions of the Minister, because no-one has any sympathy at all for the actions of these doctors. It is neither legal nor acceptable in any way.

    It is not a question of whether they will be sanctioned, but how.

    If my understanding is correct the only reason the CPS decided not to proceed was because there is already a disciplinary process underway and they thought a prosecution at this time might compromise it.

    It is therefore too easy to rush to judgement over this. Lets see what the review reveals, and what the final outcome is, before we reach conclusions.

  • Frank

    I don’t buy the argument about disciplinary proceedings versus upholding the law of the land. It’s the other way round in that the CPS decides whether to proceed or not regardless of what anyone else may be doing.

  • $20596475

    I am merely saying what I think I heard reported earlier. I am neither certain I am correct nor whether the way the CPS works precludes them from dealing with this in any other way.

    I have no opinion on whether it is a sensible way of operating because I just don’t know enough. I will wait for more information before forming an opinion.

  • Cestius

    Seems to me that the CPS is infected with the disease of political correctness, and was loth to prosecute an abortion provider for fear of damaging the abortion industry in general. I cannot think of any other reason why they would refuse to prosecute in such an open and shut case.

  • Banmeagain

    The children of Lucifer will defend at all cost their sacred rite of child sacrifice. Even when caught red handed they have found a way to slip and slide out of a very tight spot, as true snakes always do.
    However the time of divine retribution is at hand, as it seems God is withdrawing his grace ever further from such crimes, leaving the world to reap what it has sown. This will come in the form of war, which will in turn bring pestilence, famine and death. It will be a brutal purification and Russia will be the primary tool, as Our Lady has repeatedly and tirelessly warned us for many many years.
    Please pray the Rosary as Our Lady has asked and fast and make many sacrifices of the senses, particulary this Saturday as the Holy Father has requested. Perhaps with enough prayer we can extend yet further our preparation time before the coming catastrophe….

  • PaulF

    If this decision is allowed to stand we will have moved a step closer to the Chinese model, which is ghastly.

  • Chris

    God does not withdraw His grace at any time. Where sin exists grace abounds even more strongly.

  • Banmeagain

    Tell that to Sodom and Gomorrah…..