Pope Francis will spend the day in the ancient city tomorrow

Pope Francis is due to venerate the tomb of St Francis of Assisi tomorrow during his one-day visit to the city.

The Pope will leave the Vatican by helicopter tomorrow morning at 7am before embarking on a busy 11-hour schedule to commemorate the life of his namesake.

The first item of Pope Francis’s Assisi itinerary is his meeting with young people with severe disabilities at the Serafico Institute.

He will then visit the Church of St Damian where St Francis prayed during the 13th century in a crumbling church before he heard Jesus speaking from the Cross, asking Francis to repair the Church.

He will also celebrate Mass outside the Basillica of St Francis and venerate the tomb where the saint is buried.

He will also visit the Basilica of St Clare and venerate her tomb, he will pray before the Crucifix of St Damian, greet the nuns there and deliver a speech.

For a full itinerary of the Pope’s day in Assisi visit the Catholic News Service blog here.