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New campaign to challenge pro-life stereotypes is launched

By on Thursday, 17 October 2013

The #notblinkered campaign will run for the next 6 weeks

The #notblinkered campaign will run for the next 6 weeks

A new campaign has been launched by the pro-life charity LIFE.

The campaign, entitled “#notblinkered” is aimed at breaking down stereotypes of people who are pro-life while encouraging the public to face the reality of abortion.

Mary Lubrano who is a spokeswoman for the charity LIFE said: “Abortion is definitely not a woman’s choice as there are often economical or other circumstances that push women towards the decision not to carry on with the pregnancy.”

She continued: “’I’m #notblinkered, I support life’ is, indeed, the key statement of the #notblinkered campaign, which presents videos with real people who happen to be pro-life. They express pro-life thinking without being necessarily Catholics or conservatives: they are normal people with independent views who are without blinkers about the fundamental human right to life.”.

The #notblinkered campaign also wants to create more debate around pro-life questions.

Mary Lubrano said: “We want to encourage people to entertain for a moment on the idea of what being a pro-life means. Furthermore, we want people to see that things in UK are not going very well, because abortion is not good for woman and for society as a whole”.

The campaign has being run online from a dedicated website ( and it will continue for six weeks in which characters will explain their personal journey to being pro-life.

  • Kevin

    On the face of it, this news item does not put the campaign in an altogether favourable light. The implication, as I read it, is that being Catholic makes one blinkered.

    I know this is not the intention. I just believe it is possible to perceive such a message from this apparent contrast:
    “They express pro-life thinking without being necessarily Catholics or conservatives: they are normal people with independent views who are without blinkers”.

  • Shari Jane Napatang Millangue

    God loves and blesses the Pro-Life Movement!

  • Christiane

    We have just been told, not long ago, that ” the church can not talk about abortion, homosexuality and eutanasia all the time.” (More or less the very same words).
    I have talked about abortion with catholics(most of whom seem just as indifferent to the mass murders of babies like non believers) and others, since I feel that abortionl, if anything, is THE issue; without respect for the unborn life, the most vulnerable of all, there is simply no freedom worth the name even. What, then, should we talk about, if not abortion?
    This doesn´t mean that I throw it right into peoples´faces but I don´t hesitate, either, to bring it up.
    Western society´s adoration of homosexuality, practically declaring saints, is another issue i don´t hesitate to bring up(no, I don´t “hate” homosexuals!) This does not prevent me from having a good relation with them, based on respect for them as created in the image of God.
    According to several pro life catholics on the net they feel abandoned and confused. Almost chastised.
    But whatever I feel I will continue to object abortion and eutanasia, as well as defend marriage between one man and one woman.

  • Scyptical Chymist

    Perhaps the defensive attitude of #notblinkered is a result of the recent pronouncements deprecating too much emphasis on abortion, and other practices of modern secularism, by our Pope, sorry, Bishop of Rome.

  • AlanP

    I think it is important NOT to say “abortion is wrong because the Church (or God) says so”. The truth is, abortion is wrong because it is equivalent to murder, and if we think the killing of the already-born is wrong, we cannot arbitrarily decide that it is OK before birth. One reason I became a Catholic (not the only one) was the Church’s unequivocal opposition to abortion, so for me it is not a question of “abortion is wrong because the Church says so” but “the Church says so because it is wrong”. We must not give the abortion lobby the excuse to say things like “you are only against abortion because your religion tells you to be”.

  • Margaritha

    Actually, the truth is that very few priests ever talk about abortion, and definitely never about the homosexual scandals in the church and, of course not, one word about the victims of those abuses. (Let´s forget about this uncomfortable scandal, and the victims; uuuggh, they are just an unpleasant witness and reminder”) “let´s talk about the next Little nice excursion or foot ball game; don´t disrurb our Little nice and cosy middle class assembly.”
    Recently, one parish priest dedicated one third of his homily to the victims of the horrendous and tragic boat catasrtophe outside Lampedusa. And rightly so.
    But sadly, when we tried to talk with him about the mass murders and horrible persecutions of Christians in the world, en estimated 200-300 MILLION, his immediate response was that “oh no, there are many moslems suffering as well, it bis not only(!!) the Christians”. I would have liked to ask him if moslems suffered from Christians persecution but I refrained from doing so since I knew he would just not admit to himself that Christians are THE most persecuted people today, and mostly from moslem terror and harrassment(at best).
    I cannot help feeling very sad and disappointed at apparently so many priests turning their eyes away from the fact that soon, maybe, the Middle East will be emptied of Christians.
    I often wonder what their excuses and lengthy explanations will be one day, when the chapter of this GENOCIDE of Christians is written.
    Politically correct and liberal priests are not very uplifting for anybody´s soul.

  • Cestius

    I suspect most people deep down know that abortion is wrong, and in these days of routine scan pictures of unborn babies in the womb anyone can see the humanity of the unborn baby. There must be a degree of cognitive dissonance in even the most hardened pro-abortionist. That’s why most pro-abortion arguments avoid that topic altogether, it’s usually about “reproductive rights” and the danger of the “backstreet abortionists”. Best not to mention the unborn baby at all, and when they have to they always reluctantly use the dehumanizing term “fetus”.

  • Margaret

    This is a campaign that
    deserves to grow, and to be more widely discussed. In response to Kevin’s sensible comment
    that it might be seen to represent Catholics en bloc as blinkered, it would be
    immensely useful to hear from Catholics who recognise the need for the campaign,
    because it is precisely the widespread out-there stereotyping of all pro-lifers
    as blinkered, in their concern for the life of the foetus, which thoughtful,
    articulate Catholics could help to challenge.

  • RuariJM

    Christiane, the Pope did not say we should not talk about abortion, nor that it was wrong to talk about it. He said we should bear witness to why Christ came into the world. He said we should put the faith into practice, rather than repeating dogma. He did not, has not and will not say that abortion is OK.