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Cardinal asks for forgiveness on behalf of the Church

By on Friday, 18 October 2013

Cardinal Tagle has asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Church (CNS)

Cardinal Tagle has asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Church (CNS)

The Archbishop of Manila made a public apology today for the sins of the Church.

During the Philippine Conference on the New Evangelisation (PCNE), Cardinal Tagle said: “We want to say how sorry we are for the sins, the hurts, that we have inflicted on non-Catholics and non-Christians.”

During the conference, aimed to rekindle the Catholic faith, Cardinal Tagle apologised in front of approximately 5,000 people: He said: “We want to say, we want to ask forgiveness to the poor that have been neglected, the hungry, the thirsty, that we did not see or hear. We want to ask forgiveness from the women who have been degraded, dehumanised”.

The archbishop also apologised for the children without care, for orphans, widows and the vulnerable. After he said sorry also to those who “hurt us”. He added: “We want to say we forgive you, we love you, and we hope we can start to build a world of love, justice, truth, and peace, not just for ourselves but for the next generations”.

13 years have passed since when Pope John Paul II on the Day of pardon gave public apologies for the sins of the Catholic Church “committed in the service of truth” and because Christians “have at times given in to intolerance”.

  • Agnus

    See my above response! NO MORE PLEASE!

    Crucify someone else!

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    Please see things in context.

  • Julian Lord

    Gaudium et Spes is a dogmatic constitution that must, excepting possibly some theological discussion of minutiae, be accepted by all Catholics. Lay Catholics in general have no Authority to engage in theological discussion of such a nature BTW.

    To reject the document entirely, which I hasten to add the SSPX theologians do not, is constitutive of heresy.

  • Benedict Carter

    Sherpard? Is that a Himalayan Bishop?

  • Benedict Carter

    “Lay Catholics in general have no Authority to engage in theological discussion ..”

    ROFL x 10. It’s never stopped you!

  • Julian Lord

    You leave out the relevant … of such a nature.

    It is strictly reserved to discussion by theologians and Bishops.

  • Agnus

    He’s probably in the Park on Sunday, kissing a Tree -apologising to it for not stopping the Church cutting down it’s brothers and sisters to make those rotten stinky ol ‘ Catholic Bibles.

    “The Tree is my Good friend – I shall not want.
    He maketh me lie down my green literature
    He labeleth my still water
    He restoreth my Bible : he leadeth me along the
    paths of National Trust parklands to see his namesake’s.
    Yea, though they drive a combine Harvester through the valley of his brethren; Thou must fear no evil: for lurvvvv is in me ; thy rod and thy staff rest unbroken – comforted…………..

    Thou hast been turned into a table before me in the
    presence of thine enemies: thou anointest
    my head with olive oil; thy sap runneth over.
    Surely goodness and lurvvvving kindness shall be granted Thee
    and thy life shalt not be threatened ; until Thou shalt dwell in the safe
    Forests of the Lord for ever.”

  • Dave

    I am not entirely sure what I expressed poorly or what you have misunderstood but I was not saying it was blasphemous, but rather the opposite.

  • Agnus

    It was a response to your statement about the Church Fathers above and I placed the answer in the wrong section.

    Sorry it wasn’t clear. You appeared to be saying the writings of the Church Father were blasphemous. It was 3am – Very sorry to not recognise the irony.

  • John Fisher

    Yes it is very pythonesque. I want to apologise for apologising so I apologise! Be real!
    Neither the archbishop or I can apologise for others!

  • local observer

    Aspiring Lay Capuchin is correct. Sorry Angus regret i cannot agree that its higher in the Protestant church and in secular. They say only 1.4% of the priests are paedophiles.It would be interesting to see how they came to that figure. I would put the figure at about 5.6% four times more. And if you include all the homosexual priests and homosexual seminarians I would put the total figure at more than 15%
    Even Pope Francis said that he had seen the homosexual culture in the church but that quote” he was so disorganised to do anything about it”After that I gaveup. What a coward you have for a Pope.

  • local observer

    Perhaps he should also apologise for the Spanish Inquistion and gfor how the Spanish colonisers treated the Filipino people. And also how the USA troops treated the Filipina in the bars and massage parlour in Angeles City near Subicwhen they had a base there and egraded the country and its people in the process? Or is that not allowed? and too controversial?

  • $20596475

    The problem Agnus is that it still goes on and seems to be regarded as quite normal in the Philippines. I am actually there at present, having had to make an unscheduled visit for a family bereavement. Some priests have big cars, live in lovers, and even children. Being gay here is much more readily accepted than back in the UK so a gay priest is nothing special.

    I witnessed the big earthquake last week as I was on Bohol when it happened. Lots of people trying to help, including a charity I am associated with back in the UK, but I didn’t see a priest, or a nun, on the street or comforting the very frightened people.

    The Cardinal has a lot to apologise for, so at least he is trying!

  • NatOns

    ’13 years have passed since when Pope John Paul II on the Day of pardon gave public apologies for the sins of the Catholic Church “committed in the service of truth” and because Christians “have at times given in to intolerance”.’

    No doubt the Cardinal includes in this intolerance and sin his own obdurate rejection of the actual teaching of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council and Blessed John Paul II on Authentic Liturgy! In this vile repudiation, of course, he is not alone; because as was expected under Benedict XVI many pastors were simply biding their time until he was safely removed – then no more Ecclesia Dei or faithful translations for the word of the Catholic Church in prayer. It is old news, I know, but it bears renewed inspection and concern – for the New Translations of the Mass are not yet securely accepted or diligently welcomed (let alone freely ‘promoting the unity and understanding of the faith’ that is, the True Faith, the one faith, not this or that reading of it).

    I cannot answer for the glee-filled hopes of any national schismatics’ journal, or the utter confusion of a blogger and posters like Pray Tell, but the ‘We Are Church’ brigade and their eager following among the bishops do seem to see in Francis the fulfilment of the desire to re-impose an ideology-driven revision of ‘the early church’ (sic) by opposing it to the Tridentine aka Usus Antiquor or Extra-ordinary form of the one only Mass. Here – instead of some anti-Vat-II, Romish centralised Tridentinism – the ‘Mass’ celebrates the reading of the faith given by all of the people – everyone gathered around the table of the Lord: God’s people – for a good-will community-Eucharist: everywhere, at all times (in free local churches).

    ‘Dass Papst Franziskus I. sich zuerst als Bischof von Rom sieht, worauf seine ersten Worte, aber auch seine Gesten und sein Handeln hindeuten, entspricht diesen Prinzipien der katholischen, der allgemeinen Kirche der ersten Jahrhunderte. Dies lässt hoffen, dass er seine Amtsbrüder wirklich als für ihr Bistum, ihre Ortskirche selbstverantwortliche Bischöfe anerkennt. Diese Wende weg von einem römischen Zentralismus könnte auch die Liturgie wieder als Glaubensfest erlebbar werden lassen. Die vom Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzil angeregte Liturgiereform wird dann im Sinne einer „ecclesia semper reformanda“, einer „sich stets erneuernden Kirche“ weiter Wirklichkeit. Anstelle eines tridentinischen Messelesens feiert das um den Tisch des Herrn versammelte Volk Gottes in Gemeinschaft aller Menschen guten Willens an allen Orten und zu allen Zeiten Eucharistie.’ Stephan Neuman, Christ in der Gegenwart, ‘Messbuch: Latein – nur auf Deautsch?’

    Yes, this sort of chaos makes one truly thankful for the re-formed ICEL and their humanly imperfect but divinely focused work. Truly, this is time to celebrate ICEL, as Jeffrey Tucker so wisely advocates (even if the Holy Father hasn’t quite grasped what their hard work was all about). Like the sterling Mr Tucker, I never thought I’d see the day, and even now I understand how fragile a hold it has on the mind of many who use the name Catholic to define themselves .. don’t waste it, proclaim it.

    ‘So, let’s celebrate! The Mass program uses English chant from the Missal along with all the propers in English. Truly I never thought I would live to see this.’ New Liturgical Movement, 17th Oct 2013.

  • NatOns

    You would put it at a higher figure for an ideological purpose, l o, and that without the slightest desire to base the assessment of child abuse (sexual, physical and psychological) on actual figures – whether reported, investigated, judged or estimated (and this is not new or a subjective opinion, but revealed for all to see as part of the only in depth assessment of the crime and responses to it).

    As for a ‘homosexual culture’, there you are on a more secure footing – but one that is still based chiefly on ‘outing’, self- reporting, or hearsay (much is still hidden in more Evangelical faith groups, or ignored in saecular authorities). ‘Homosexual’ however is not the same a paedophile, no moreso than heterosexual is the same as a rapist – here the incidences of the crime hide more than they reveal about the character of the human sin. What makes sexual abuse of children – by Catholic priests, religious, teachers or social workers – so horrific is the context of the abuse; this is especially true of ‘the father in the gospel’, the priest, for he is not hireling but a parent; and it is the horror of this truth that covered up such abuse and prompted an obscenely large portion of those in authority to try an hide it, rather than (as Church discipline required) to hand the offender (or accused) over to the rigour of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, and thence over to the State for punishment if required.

    This was a discipline against clerical abuses that Joseph Ratzinger had to re-impose – it seems almost single-handedly, with greater rigour and against entrenched opposition – after many decades of laxity, cf De Delictis Gravioribus (on grave offences).

  • James1

    Oh I get it! Catholics = bad guys. Non-Catholics = good guys. Result: Catholicism = nonsense! Can’t believe they’re still using this old trick (and that people are falling for it!).

  • Julian Lord

    What a coward we have for a moderator, who lets this overt piece of hate mail against the Church remain in place, as a scandal to all of the Faithful, but deletes my response providing it with an expression of the opprobrium that it deserves.

  • cjkeeffe

    Yes I am very sorry for brining the salvivic message of Christ.

  • local observer

    you will regret the word worthy shepherd. The said archbishop was from the BOLOGNA SCHOOL. God forbid he was not elected POPE. If he was all hell will break loose. I don’t expect him to be ELECTED anytime soon even in the next two rounds that we have left because he never studied in ROME. Which is a major disadvantage. The Romans do not know him

  • Beatrice

    But where is the same heart felt excuses for THE SINS OF THE INNUMERABLE HOMOSEXUAL SCANDALS in the church and their many VICTIMS?
    Do you ever hear anybody mentioning those victims now, just as pope em Benedictus did so courageously?

  • Daniel Crowley

    You can’t apologize for something you didn’t do.

    Know what would be great to hear from a bishop? Instruction and guidance in matters of faith and morals. That would be swell.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    There are over 75 million catholics in USA. American government statistics show the following details: Catholic priests convicted of paedophilea 0.02%. Please note – that is l/5th of 1%! Protestant pastors, 1.47%. 8 times more!! The other 98% + were non religious, ie.police, doctors, teachers, office workers, prison officers, etc etc.Fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, and some women.No mention of that in UK because protestant England’s media is viciously anti-catholic! Incidentally, When Pope Benedict was a bishop in Germany, he was a Professor lecturing in a University. He was not a bishop in charge of a diocese and therefore had no responsibility for priests.He could not possibly have known anything. Beware when you falsely accuse an innocent people.You will one day stand before a very very holy God who will ask you to explain. Ignorance and spite is no excuse. Get your facts right and don’t trust the poisonous British media.Finally, as I am sure you already know,The Church of England is “ordaining” practising homosexuals, women and men.How can any person who professes to love Jesus be an Anglican now? The Methodists agreed at one of their Synods over 25 yrs ago that they would have practicising homosexuals as Ministers. How can anybody be a good Methodist who know of that?God Bless

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    Why should the Pope be held responsible for what American soldiers, non catholics mostly, do to the Filipinos?? Are you responsible for the crimes of others? Put the blame where it belongs – on the wrong doers! We are all responsible for our own actions.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    See reply to ‘Beatrice’!! Get your facts straight.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    To MPQ. You are so right!. We catholics have been slaughtered in our millions! Do you suppose the non-priest Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Welby, might apologise? There again, how can he? The so-called Church of England has only existed for 450 years! Founded by an evil and corrupt politician, Cromwell and the heretic Cranmer. Since there was no one to ordain anybody! So Cranmer said, vicars would be appointed Ministers of the Gospel. They were called ‘Vicars’ to belittle the Pope who is Christ’s Vicar on Earth. God Bless.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    See ‘Beatrice’ above. You will never make a capuchin – not with your mind dearie!

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    Angus – you are a real catholic. What you say is absolutely correct.As the Jews have and continue to suffer so do we as Catholics.We as catholics are grafted onto the Jews so we must expect the same too. And before anybody starts cribbing, look up Rabbi D Dalin’s book, “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope”, and see what Catholics have done to help the Jews. The Protestants attacked the Jews and the Catholics, murdering many of them. but no word said about that! but there again, Satan protects his own God Bless our Catholic Priests.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    To Majorcalamity: Who appointed you as spokesman for the whole of the priesthood in the Philippines? So you have had an unscheduled visit and my, my, you have learned all of this in such a short time!! You must advise the Governments on your methods of fact gathering at such speed ,and at it would seem at no cost!
    Get behind me Satan in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    Shakespeare wrote “The less will prattle of what the mighty do” That’s you, “local observer”! Gutless and spiteful but worst of all, ignorant.

  • disqus_6nBau9CcxO

    Julian Lord – I absolutely agree with you. The moderator, if they have one, is clearly, ignorant, and anti-catholic.They should be sacked, and so should the Editor.

  • Indigo Blu

    Yet Jesus did apologise to God for our sins, didn’t He?

  • Julian Lord

    The Crucified Lord is the very locus of all of our Sins ; Original and Particular, Venial and Mortal.

    And no, He did not apologise ; He begs eternally for forgiveness on our behalf.

  • $20596475

    If what you said was true I would agree with you. It isn’t. In recent years I have lived in the Philippines for around 50% of the time so have had plenty of opportunity to observe things here first hand.

    It is the reason I first became interested in Catholicism. Seeing it applied and reading the theory relentlessly pontificated on this site is to witness chalk and cheese.

  • whytheworldisending

    What is meant in this instance by the word “Church?” Most often when people talk about “Church,” they mean certain people who in some sense belong to the Institution. In Vatican II it was said that The Holy Spirit acts both within and outside of the Institution. At John 3:8, Jesus says,”The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” If by the Church we mean the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, then it ought to be said that The Holy Spirit has nothing to apologise for.

  • Benedict Carter

    Is that something to do with salted fish?

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    In practice the Church has a dimension of Institution BUT often it is overdone, so much so only this aspect only is noted and experienced and spoken of. Hence the lack of witness in practice, and also of evangelisation.