During a conference today Cardinal Tagle asked non Catholics for forgiveness

The Archbishop of Manila made a public apology today for the sins of the Church.

During the Philippine Conference on the New Evangelisation (PCNE), Cardinal Tagle said: “We want to say how sorry we are for the sins, the hurts, that we have inflicted on non-Catholics and non-Christians.”

During the conference, aimed to rekindle the Catholic faith, Cardinal Tagle apologised in front of approximately 5,000 people: He said: “We want to say, we want to ask forgiveness to the poor that have been neglected, the hungry, the thirsty, that we did not see or hear. We want to ask forgiveness from the women who have been degraded, dehumanised”.

The archbishop also apologised for the children without care, for orphans, widows and the vulnerable. After he said sorry also to those who “hurt us”. He added: “We want to say we forgive you, we love you, and we hope we can start to build a world of love, justice, truth, and peace, not just for ourselves but for the next generations”.

13 years have passed since when Pope John Paul II on the Day of pardon gave public apologies for the sins of the Catholic Church “committed in the service of truth” and because Christians “have at times given in to intolerance”.