Fri 21st Nov 2014 | Last updated: Fri 21st Nov 2014 at 12:05pm

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Francis announces year of consecrated life in 2015

By on Friday, 29 November 2013

Pope Francis thanked the religious for their 'testimony' (AP)

Pope Francis thanked the religious for their 'testimony' (AP)

Pope Francis has announced that 2015 will be a year dedicated to the promotion of consecrated life.

He made the announcement today in an address to the heads of men’s religious orders, who were taking part in the 82nd general assembly of the Union of Superiors General in Rome.

During the three-hour meeting the Pope held an impromptu question-and-answer session.

He later thanked the religious, saying: “Thank you, for what you do and for your spirit of faith and your quest for service. Thanks for your testimony, and also for the humiliations you have to endure.”

  • NatOns

    God bless our Pope! The harvest is once again beginning to bud, and it shall need many harvesters if it is not to spoil where it stands. Lord hear the prayer of Thy people!

  • ann

    bless you holy father ty for all you do for christ

  • rani

    I am proud to be a follower of Jesus. and now I am also proud to be Catholic, because you are. Thank you holy father.

  • Bruno M.

    In less than a year, this pope shows all the markings of greatness only once every 1000 years, maybe even 1700 year.

  • CelestialSushi

    Sooo… does anybody know what 2014 is the year of? I can’t seem to find anything on it, just that 2015 is the Year of Consecrated Life. Thanks in advance for any help :)

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    The first and foremost of all the vows for consecrated people must the VOW TO FOLLOW JESUS THE LORD.

  • rjt1

    My parish priest told me it would be the Year of Prayer. Haven’t checked but no doubt he is right.

  • Marisa Mormile Elskamp

    Hopefully the year of Fatima

  • Julian Lord

    Sounds like a local initiative, the Google appears to be ignorant of it.

    FYI not every liturgical year is declared a “Year of /fill-in-the-gap/“.

  • Mick

    Celestial: 2013 was the “Year of Faith”, a summons to an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord, and a deeper relationship with Him by increasing our knowledge and participation in our faith. Our parish offered enhanced programs to increase Worship, Growth, Service, Connection and Giving. Sorry you missed it…it was great !!!



  • Jon Brownridge

    I am hopeful that under Francis, 2014 will be the year of intellectual honesty in the Church. Can we begin to put aside our superstitions, recognize allegory and myth for what they are, and concentrate on the Gospel’s fundamental call to action?

  • Xavier D’Souza

    In the Archdiocese of Bombay Year 2014 has been declared as the Year of the Eucharist

  • Angel

    A very big Thank You for making this decision. Being a teen, I feel such occassions help us grow deeper in the ocean of Christ.

  • Angel

    I think 2014 is Year of the Eucharist…