Pope washes feet of 12 disabled people, including women and a Muslim man

In the humble act of washing his disciples’ feet Jesus is showing all Christians how he wants them to serve others with love, Pope Francis has said.

“This is the legacy that Jesus leaves us” and he wants it to be passed down through people’s loving service to others, he said.

During the evening Mass at a rehabilitation facility on the outskirts of Rome, Francis washed the feet of four women and eight men who are living with disabilities.

Ranging in ages from 16 to 86, nine of the 12 patients were Italian, one was a Muslim from Libya, one was a woman from Ethiopia and one young man was from Cape Verde.

Two Sisters helped patients, all of them with limited mobility, remove their shoes and socks.

The Pope then knelt on both knees on a small cushion before each person. He poured water from a small silver pitcher over each person’s foot. Some feet were greatly swollen due to the individual’s medical condition.

With a white towel, he dried each foot and kissed it, often having to bend on to the floor to reach the feet of those who were completely paralysed.