Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein passes away at the age of 80

Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein, the former president of the Latin Mass Society and financial manager of the Rolling Stones for almost 40 years, has died at the age of 80.

Alongside his work as a banker and as financial manager of the Rolling Stones, Prince Rupert established himself as prominent figure in British Catholic society. He was Grand Inquisitor of the Constantinian Military Order of St George and president of the British association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

He was also president of the Latin Mass Society and in the 1970s he spoke out in support of the Tridentine Mass.

The Bavarian aristocrat and banker, who passed away on Tuesday, first arrived in England in 1940 and was sent to Catholic public school, Beaumont. He went on to read history at Magdalen College, Oxford, before working as a stockbroker in the City.

Prince Rupert married Josephine Lowry-Corry in 1957 at the London Oratory. They had two sons, Princes Rudolf and Konrad, both of whom became priests, and a daughter, Princess Maria-Theodora.


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