Cardinal Nichols said he and the Archbishop of Canterbury have 'an implicit trust'

Cardinal Vincent Nichols received a standing ovation at the Royal Albert Hall when he stood side by side with the Archbishop of Canterbury at an event organised by the Anglican Holy Trinity Brompton Leadership Conference.

The two men gave a joint interview and were applauded after praying for Christian unity in what Holy Trinity’s Nicky Gumbel called a “historic” moment.

Cardinal Nichols told the audience that he and Archbishop Welby have “an implicit trust in each other”, which has not always been the case with the churches’ leaders.

“It is not something that is heavy, that we work at because it’s an uphill struggle, but it’s much more like a breeze coming from behind us that catches our sails and helps us to go forward,” he said.

Cardinal Nichols also thanked Pope Francis for helping people to see the Christian gospel in a new way, and the Catholic Church “through fresh eyes”. He praised the Pope’s humility, and told the audience that the Pope told he had never lost his sense of deep peace since becoming pontiff.