An online video game features the Pope driving through the streets of Asuncion

An online computer game has been created to celebrate Pope Francis’s visit to Paraguay.

In the game, which is called Papa Road, players control the popemobile as Francis travels through the country’s capital Asuncion.

The vehicle passes city landmarks including the government palace, the Pantheon of Heroes and the cathedral but has to avoid potholes.

The game was inspired by the repair of Asuncion’s streets, which began in June, in preparation for the pontiff’s visit. He is scheduled to arrive in Paraguay on Friday, the final stop on his tour of Latin America.

According to AFP, the producer of the video game, Joes Manuel Gonzalez, said that Papa Road is a way of poking fun at the country’s government as the city prepares to host the pope.

He said: “Potholes that are like lunar craters, people offering to wash windshields, roving vendors and motorcycles that appear out of nowhere are just some of the obstacles you have to confront (in the game).

“When the pontiff hits something, the face of Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes appears on the right of the screen, squealing and holding out a sign that says, ‘keep going.’”

Francis will leave Asuncion and return home to the Vatican on Sunday.