LEAD STORY — Mgr John Armitage, rector of Walsingham, reveals ambitious plans for the Marian shrine ● Fr Raymond de Souza: An anniversary year for two popes and their encyclicals ● Michael Merrick: The time is ripe for a revived, all-inclusive Catholic curriculum ● William Cash remembers his hardest assignments ● Simon Hart: The day 50 years ago when eight young Catholic women from Liverpool died in an air crash ● Mary Kenny on what the rescued Thai cave boys did after they emerged ● Matt Thorne: Are Scorsese’s films really a Divine Comedy? ● Fr Matthew Pittam on his inspiring visit to Montmartre ● Amy Fahey recalls the Catholic poet Joyce Kilmer ● Quentin de la Bédoyère: We’re all susceptible to ‘nudging’ – but should we take advantage? ● Fr Ronald Rolheiser believes in God because ‘faith works’