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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The saint who brought Christianity north of Hadrian’s wall

The remains of St Ninian’s priory in Whithorn

Saint of the week

St Ninian (September 16)

The ‘golden-mouthed’ preacher exiled by an Empress twice

St John Chrysostom only became a priest at the age of 40

Saint of the week

St John Chrysostom (September 13)

The monk who converted a tribe of pagans in modern-day Belgium

The ruins of St Bertin’s Abbey, rebuilt in the 13th century

Saint of the week

St Bertin (September 5) became abbot of a flourishing monastery with some 150 monks under his rule

The French king who sought to protect the weak from the strong

Saint of the week

St Louis (August 25) was jovial in company but gave himself up to prayer and fasting in private

St Pius X: the son of a village postman who urged modernists to be ‘beaten with fists’

‘A man of God who knew the unhappiness of the world’

Saint of the week

St Pius X (August 21) had a saintliness that no one who knew him doubted

The teenager who ran away from home to join St Francis

St Clare’s relatives literally tried to drag her away from her religious vocation

Saint of the week

St Clare (August 11) founded the Order of Poor Ladies, now known as the Poor Clares

Luther’s contemporary who sought to reform the Church from within

Saint of the week

St Cajetan (August 7), who wished to reform the Church, and founded the Theatines

The saint who founded the Redemptorists


Saint of the week

St Alphonsus Liguori (August 1), one of the great moral philosophers of the early modern Church

The saint whose guide on virtue was read every day by monks in the Middle Ages

John’s book Collationes gave the Italians their word for breakfast

Saint of the week

St John Cassian (July 23) fell out of favour in the 16th century

The pagan prince who gave up 800 concubines after converting to Christianity

Vladimir reportedly took part in human sacrifices before his conversion

Saint of the week

St Vladimir (July 15) was transformed from a promiscuous thug into an outstanding moral exemplar