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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The hermit who lived on a pillar for 33 years

Standing on top of a pillar all day left St Daniel with foul-smelling feet

Saint of the week

St Daniel the Stylite (December 11) was told that monastic discipline would be beyond him

The chaplain to William the Conqueror who established the Sarum Rite

Salisbury, where St Osmund was a humble and orthodox bishop

Saint of the week

St Osmund of Salisbury (December 4) was ‘praised for his wisdom and holiness’

Apostle Andrew, the first to be called

A fourth-century painting of St Andrew in the Catacombs of St Thecla in Rome

Saint of the week

St Andrew (November 30) preached in the Ukraine, Turkey and Greece

The bishop who charmed kings and ate with lepers

St Hugh observes St Bruno adoring the Virgin and Child

Saint of the week

St Hugh of Lincoln (November 17) travelled around his diocese defending the poor and needy against the powerful and insolent

The pope who persuaded Attila the Hun to spare Rome

St Leo held that the devil reigned in every challenge to orthodoxy

Saint of the week

St Leo the Great (November 10) vigorously sought to maintain the unity of the Church

The wealthy boy who dreamed of escaping luxury

St Charles Borromeo was a patron of the composer Palestrina

Saint of the week

St Charles Borromeo (November 4) as Archbishop of Milan was hugely influential at the Council of Trent

The friar who led an army against the Turks

A painting of the Siege of Belgrade, featuring St John holding a cross

Saint of the week

St John of Capestrano (October 23) was approaching 70 when he plunged into battle

The much-loved schoolmaster executed under Elizabeth I

St Richard returned to the Church after he was attacked by crows (PA photo)

Saint of the week

St Richard Gwyn (October 17) was imprisoned for four years, put in stocks, and disemboweled for his faith

The missionary who laboured to save the most abandoned souls in the world

St Daniel was an expert in Central African dialects

Saint of the week

St Daniel Comboni (October 10) inspired new European attitudes to Africans

A formidable English bishop who rooted out corruption

Hereford, where St Thomas served as bishop (David Davies/PA)

Saint of the week

St Thomas of Hereford (October 2) was canonised only 20 years after his death after some 500 miracles had been attributed to his intercession