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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The Roman aristocrat who went from riches to rags

An icon of Arsenius

Saint of the week

St Arsenius (July 19) became one of the leading Desert Fathers

The Sister who saw in a vision her own heart made of steel

St Veronica Giuliani

Saint of the week

St Veronica Giuliani (July 9) received well-attested imprints of the stigmata

The girl who was murdered at the age of 11

St Maria Goretti desperately fought off her attacker, Alessandro Serenelli

Saint of the week

St Maria Goretti (July 6) died while resisting a rape. Her murderer later repented and had a vision of the Virgin Mary

The 17th-century martyr whose corpse was found in the 1920s

Saint of the week

St John Southworth (June 28) was arrested five times before he was eventually hanged

The princess who forswore sleep in order to pass her nights in prayer

A statue of St Etheldreda

Saint of the week

St Etheldreda (June 23) helped establish religious life as an acceptable vocation for ex-queens and princesses in England

The early preacher to the Gentiles nicknamed ‘Jupiter’

A detail from St Barnabas Curing the Poor by Paolo Veronese

Saint of the week

St Barnabas (June 11) was a crucial figure in the early history of Christianity, who preached to the Gentiles together with St Paul

The priest whose asceticism killed three disciples

Saint of the week

St Norbert (June 6) grew up cocooned in privilege and luxury

The Maid of Orleans who tried to rescue France

A statue of Joan of Arc in Paris (Photo: Press Association)

Saint of the week Spiritual Life

After being captured by the English, Joan of Arc suffered more from being denied the sacraments than from physical privations

The baker murdered by his apprentice

Rochester cathedral, where St William’s cult flourished

Saint of the week

St William of Perth (May 23) had taken in an abandoned child and taught him the arts of bakery

The monk who softened St Augustine’s teaching on grace

The fortress on Île Saint-Honorat, where St Vincent became a monk

Saint of the week

St Vincent de Lérins (May 14) tried to find a middle way between Augustine and the Pelagians