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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The hermit who prayed in the freezing Celtic sea

Lindisfarne, where St Cuthbert served as prior

Saint of the week

St Cuthbert (March 20) was an examplar of a less triumphal, more inward form of religion than that represented by St Wilfrid, the pope’s henchman

‘Your convent will be the sick room’

St Louise de Marillac accepted the great sacrifice of matrimony

Saint of the week

St Louise de Marillac (March 15) founded the Daughters of Charity under the guidance of St Vincent de Paul

The nun praised by Henry VIII as a ‘diligent bee’

Saint of the week

St Colette (March 6) believed the most direct path to heaven was that of suffering patiently endured

The Patriarch who did not allow servants to wait on him

Saint of the week

St Tarasius (February 18) was a humble and sensible man appointed as Patriarch of Constantinople to resolve the Iconoclast controversy

St Polycarp, a martyr at the age of 86

St Polycarp was killed by the sword after refusing to deny Christ

Saint of the week

St Polycarp (February 23), instructed by the Apostles, served as Bishop of Smyrna for 50 years and died during persecution

The Jesuit who fostered devotion to the Sacred Heart

Saint of the week

St Claude de La Colombière (February 15) had the misfortune of being in London at the time of the alleged Popish Plot

The Englishman whose order numbered 2,000 religious when he died at 106

The Abbey Church of St Andrew, Sempringham

Saint of the week

Gilbert of Sempringham (c 1083-1189) founded the only distinctively English medieval religious order

The missionary who said he would die for China ‘a thousand times over’

St Joseph Freinademetz: ‘I want to be Chinese in heaven’

Saint of the week

St Joseph Freinademetz (January 28) fell in love with China despite working in dangerous and hostile conditions

The saint who gave advice on dancing and flirting

St François de Sales, the patron saint of journalists

Saint of the week

St François de Sales (January 24) said he did not necessarily disapprove of ‘games, balls and pageants’

The hermit who lived for 15 years in a tomb

St Anthony, painted by Fra Angelico in 1436

Saint of the week

St Anthony of Egypt (January 17) inspired a new ideal by seeking spiritual growth in the desert