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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The nobleman who bore paralysis with great cheerfulness

St Benedict was entranced by the monks at Lérins, on the island of St Honorat, near Cannes

Saint of the week

St Benedict Biscop (January 12) travelled extensively, and was thus able to introduce the practices of Roman and Frankish Christianity into Northumberland

St Stephen, the first Christian martyr

The Stoning of St Stephen by Paolo Uccello

Saint of the week

St Stephen (December 26) was hauled up before a Jewish court for rejecting sacrificial worship

The Spanish abbot who liberated Christian slaves

The Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos

Saint of the week

St Dominic of Silos (December 20) is an example of the remarkable possibilities open to low-born talent in the medieval Church

The saint who was tormented by her conscience

The duomo in Brescia, where St Maria tended to the sick

Saint of the week

St Maria di Rosa (December 15) founded the Handmaids of Charity and died at the age of 42, exhausted by her good works

The Doctor of the Church who was reluctant to be a bishop

The Doctor of the Church who was reluctant to be a bishop

Saint of the week

St Ambrose was reluctantly made a bishop, but embraced Christianity to become one of the most prominent ecclesiastics of his time

The martyr who gave up worldly fame for the scaffold

Saint of the week

St Ralph Sherwin (December 1)

The pope who warned Corinthians over their braggadocio

There is a tradition that Clement was a Roman consul

Saint of the week

St Clement of Rome (November 23) is traditionally classified as the fourth pope (90-100)

St Albert the Great, one of the best scientists of the Middle Ages

Cologne, where St Albert established his reputation

Saint of the week

St Albert the Great (November 15) recognised no division between science and theology

The priest whose preaching turned Piacenza upside down

A statue of St Andrew Avellino in Milan

Saint of the week

St Andrew Avellino (November 10) adopted an ecclesiastical tonsure as a young man to escape the temptations from women

The brother who ‘watched the door’ for 46 years

Saint of the week

St Alphonsus Rodriguez (October 30) began his life in prosperity – but then his world fell to pieces