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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The saint who distributed small gifts

Elizabeth of Aragon, painted by Francisco de Zurbarán

Saint of the week

St Elizabeth of Portugal (July 4) is buried in a magnificent Gothic sarcophagus in the Convent of Santa Clara in Coimbra

The saint who inspired a lace goods fair

St. Etheldreda’s Church in Holborn

Saint of the week

The relics of St Etheldreda (June 23) are kept in the church named after her in Ely

The saint who is venerated as the first English martyr

A 13th-century manuscript at Trinity College Library, Dublin, shows the executioner’s eyes falling out as he kills the saint

Saint of the week

St Alban (June 22) is venerated by Anglicans, Catholics and Orthodox Christians

The saint who chopped down a sacred oak

An image from the Fulda Sacramentary depicts the martyrdom of St Boniface

Saint of the week

St Boniface (June 5) was named after a fourth-century martyr from Tarsus in Syria

The saint who began the society that became the Oratory

A painting depicts St Philip Neri levitating while celebrating Mass

Saint of the week

St Philip Neri (May 25) was beatified in 1615 and canonised just seven years later

The saint who loved roses

A popular, early modern portrait of St Rita

Saint of the week

St Rita (May 22), along with St Jude, is known as the patron saint of impossible cases

The saint whose name was given to a famous railway station

Diocletian was initially impressed by St Pancras’s determination but then ordered his death

Saint of the week

St Pancras of Rome (May 12) is invoked against cramps, false witness, headaches and perjury,

The saint who declared Elizabeth I a heretic

Pius V arranged the forming of the Holy League

Saint of the week

Pope St Pius V (April 30) focused on restoring morality to Rome

The saint who was renowned for extreme fasting

A detail from The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine of Siena by Giovanni di Paolo

Saint of the week

St Catherine of Siena (April 29) attracted a group of followers by taking care of the ill and the poor

The saint who carried water to the Last Supper

A winged lion in a stained-glass window symbolises St Mark the Evangelist

Saint of the week

St Mark the Evangelist (April 25) is traditionally thought to be the interpreter of the Apostle Peter