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Cologne, where St Albert established his reputation

St Albert the Great (November 15) recognised no division between science and theology

A statue of St Andrew Avellino in Milan

St Andrew Avellino (November 10) adopted an ecclesiastical tonsure as a young man to escape the temptations from women

St Alphonsus Rodriguez (October 30) began his life in prosperity – but then his world fell to pieces

Canterbury, where Cuthbert served as archbishop

In the eighth century St Cuthbert (October 26) held a synod to improve the moral condition of the English Church

A detail of an icon of the martyrdom of St Ignatius

St Ignatius of Antioch (October 17) bears remarkable witness to the power of the faith in the early Church

St Paulinus of York (October 10) was sent to England by Pope Gregory in 1601

Fécamp Abbey, where St Leger spent his final days

St Leger (October 2) was fatally drawn into the power struggles of Merovingian France

Canterbury, where Honorius died

St Homorius (September 30), the fifth Archbishop of Canterbury, was a key figure in the establishment of Christianity in England

St Alphonsus was born in the province of Toledo, above

The saint who only slept three hours a night

The Virgin Mary appeared in a dream and said just one word to Alphonsus de Orozco (1500-1591): “Write” 

Civitavecchia, where St Cornelius was imprisoned

St Cornelius, pope from 251 to 253, was martyred by Emperor Gallus