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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The saint who declared Elizabeth I a heretic

Pius V arranged the forming of the Holy League

Saint of the week

Pope St Pius V (April 30) focused on restoring morality to Rome

The saint who was renowned for extreme fasting

A detail from The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine of Siena by Giovanni di Paolo

Saint of the week

St Catherine of Siena (April 29) attracted a group of followers by taking care of the ill and the poor

The saint who carried water to the Last Supper

A winged lion in a stained-glass window symbolises St Mark the Evangelist

Saint of the week

St Mark the Evangelist (April 25) is traditionally thought to be the interpreter of the Apostle Peter

The saint who lived in the ruins of the Colosseum

St Benedict Joseph Labre was rejected by the Trappists because they thought he was ‘too delicate’

Saint of the week

St Benedict Joseph Labre (April 16) was the eldest of 15 children

The saint who was accused of treason

A detail from the Murder of St Stanislaus by the Polish painter Jan Matejko

Saint of the week

St Stanislaus of Szczepanów (April 11) was one of the earliest native Polish bishops

The saint who is celebrated for ‘building’ up the Church

St Vincent Ferrer, centre, is shown in a detail from a polyptych by Giovanni Bellini in Venice

Saint of the week

St Vincent Ferrer (April 5) worked as Master of the Sacred Palace for Benedict XIII

The saint who was executed on Good Friday

St Margaret kneels in this portrait of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by Daphne Pollen

Saint of the week

St Margaret Clitherow (March 26) became a friend to persecuted Catholics in the north of England

The saint who devoted himself to scientific work

Saint of the week

St Józef Bilczewski (March 20) was outspoken in promoting the infinite love of God during the First World War

The disfigured, kind-hearted saint

Announcement of Death to St Seraphina by St Gregory the Great, painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio

Saint of the week

St Seraphina (March 12) was devoted to St Gregory the Great

The saint who was raised as a pawn of political power games

St Agnes serves an invalid in this painting by the Bohemian Master of the year 1482

Saint of the week

St Agnes of Bohemia (March 2) is honoured as the Saint of the overthrow of Communism