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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The twin physicians who healed the sick for free

A detail from an icon depicting the third-century physician twins

Saint of the week

Among their miraculous exploits, Kosmas and Damianos (September 26) grafted the leg from a recently dead Ethiopian on to another patient’s body

The Korean saints of undying spirit

A detail from a painting of the 103 Korean martyrs of the 19th century

Saint of the week

Ss Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang and Companions (September 20) are being honoured by the Month of Martyrs in South Korea

The Jesuit priest who dedicated his life to helping slaves

A stained-glass window featuring St Peter Claver

Saint of the week

St Peter Claver (September 8) was known as ‘the key’ for his work unlocking the souls of slaves

The saint who Gregorian chant was named after

St Augustine and St Gregory, from an image at Westminster Cathedral

Saint of the week

St Gregory the Great (September 3) was known as ‘the father of Christian worship’

The saint who took part in the Crusades

St Louis, painted by El Greco

Saint of the week

St Louis (August 25) is the only canonised king of France

The saint who stepped over her child to enter religious life

St Francis de Sales gives St Jane the Rule of the Order of the Visitation

Saint of the week

St Jane Frances de Chantal (August 12) founded the Congregation of the Visitation in France

The saint who ‘never allowed himself the luxury of a bed’

The Perugia altarpiece depicting St Dominic

Saint of the week

St Dominic (August 6) was one of the most influential figures in Christian history in the second millennium

The saint who helped keep Christianity alive as the Roman empire crumbled

A statue of Germanus in the Église Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris

Saint of the week

St Germanus of Auxerre (August 3) led the Britons in a victory against Saxon raiders

The saint who established the Bridgettine monasteries

The Vision of St Bridget depicted in a manuscript from 1530

Saint of the week

St Bridget of Sweden (July 23) the most celebrated of Sweden’s saints

The saint who may have been poisoned by his enemies

Francisco de Zurbarán depicts St Bonaventure receiving the 
envoys of the Byzantine Emperor at the Second Council of Lyon

Saint of the week

St Bonaventure (July 15) was one of the greatest minds of the late medieval period