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Saint Of The Week

The saint who ‘never allowed himself the luxury of a bed’

The Perugia altarpiece depicting St Dominic

Saint of the week

St Dominic (August 6) was one of the most influential figures in Christian history in the second millennium

The saint who helped keep Christianity alive as the Roman empire crumbled

A statue of Germanus in the Église Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris

Saint of the week

St Germanus of Auxerre (August 3) led the Britons in a victory against Saxon raiders

The saint who established the Bridgettine monasteries

The Vision of St Bridget depicted in a manuscript from 1530

Saint of the week

St Bridget of Sweden (July 23) the most celebrated of Sweden’s saints

The saint who may have been poisoned by his enemies

Francisco de Zurbarán depicts St Bonaventure receiving the 
envoys of the Byzantine Emperor at the Second Council of Lyon

Saint of the week

St Bonaventure (July 15) was one of the greatest minds of the late medieval period

The saint who may keep an eye on Prince William

Henry II is crowned as Emperor by Pope Benedict VIII in 1014

Saint of the week

St Henry (July 13) helped cement the rule of priestly celibacy

The wavering saint who is the masterstroke of Christianity

The imposing statue of St Peter outside St Peter’s Basilica (CNS)

Saint of the week

St Peter the Apostle (June 29) was the first Bishop of Rome

The saint who must have inspired the Brideshead teddy bear

A detail from St Aloysius Gonzaga in Glory by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Saint of the week

St Aloysius Gonzaga (June 21) is the patron saint of youth

The saint who was accused of sorcery and refused to worship pagan gods

The Gothic St Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Saint of the week

St Vitus (June 15) is the patron saint of Prague, coppersmiths and actors

The saint who was modest in demeanour and merciful in judgment

The ruins of Newminster Abbey, where Robert insisted the community lived in absolute poverty

Saint of the week

St Robert of Newminster (June 7) founded with Newminster Abbey with 12 other monks

The saint who was one of the earliest Fathers of the Church

Saint of the week

St Justin Martyr (June 1) began his career as a pagan philosopher