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Take a look inside this week’s Catholic Herald

Pope Francis prays during a visit to the Lutheran church in Rome last November (AP)

A leap across the great divide

Thanks to astonishing ecumenical advances, Catholics can recognise – and even give thanks for – the witness of Martin Luther

An estimated 25,000 people at a pro-life march in Dublin (PA)

Abortion can seem impossible to overcome. But so did communism

Under Henry VIII, libraries were gutted (PA)

The great Tudor Bible myth

To this day many believe that the Catholic Church refused to give people the Bible and religious instruction in English

An altarpiece in St Martin’s Cathedral, Utrecht, defaced in the 16th-century

Get thee from the nunnery

The Reformation may have caused women’s religious roles to be set back centuries

Cold and controlled, a kind of monster: Jude Law as Pius XIII in HBO’s The Young Pope

Paolo Sorrentino hasn’t compromised his cinematic vision in his move to the small screen

St Trillo’s Chapel claims to be the smallest place of worship in Wales and possibly the UK (Jeff Buck)

Pilgrimages are rising in popularity once more; here are some that deserve more attention

Pilgrims walking to the 'Shrine Of Our Lady' in Walsingham, Norfolk carrying a wooden cross through the village of North Barsham, Good Friday (PA)

Francis Phillips interviews Catholic writer Joseph Pearce about his new book on a private pilgrimage

Ashers bakery, Belfast: the owners refused to place a pro-gay marriage slogan on a cake

The Ashers verdict is bad news – but it’s also a chance to build a consensus

Families demonstrate at Westminster against plans for a new screening technique which could lead to more abortions of the disabled (AP)

This form of abortion isn’t a ‘right’ – it’s straightforward discrimination