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PABLUM ISN’T GOSPEL       Cardinal Luis Antonio (“Chito”) Tagle, the archbishop of Manila, is a supremely friendly, outgoing man who, to all appearances, wears his heart on his sleeve: permanently. In an intervention during the first days of Synod-2018, he broke into tears while telling the story of a young Filipino who had a t-shirt bearing the cardinal’s image; one bishop said, with some asperity, that he’d heard the story three times before and it was getting a bit old.  Cardinal Tagle can do better than this when he puts his mind to it, though: he once wrote a scholarly and insightful chapter on a critical moment during the Third Period of the Second Vatican Council, for the canonical progressive account of Vatican II edited by Giuseppe Alberigo. Tagle’s contribution was more balanced and nuanced than others coming from what’s known in conciliar studies as the “Bologna School” (which is not, I hasten to add, a reference to a delicatessen product). Cardinal Tagle’s thoughts and self-presentation are of particular interest, however, because it’s no secret that he’s the Catholic left’s dream candidate as successor to Pope Francis. So all concerned might want to take a look at a short video the […]

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