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Fr Stanley Jaki argued that science is about quantities. Anything immeasurable, including God, it can neither prove nor disprove

Rupert Shortt’s God is No Thing provides a courteous response to atheists

The newly-discovered painting of Judith beheading Holofernes reminds us that the world of the Old Testament is very different to our own

Those insisting Francis is a radical progressive can’t have read Amoris Laetitia

A sneak preview of this week’s magazine

This debate pits the newest freedom, so-called “marriage equality”, in direct conflict with the oldest


The Pontiff has chosen to promote debate and diversity, rather than build unity around clearly expressed doctrine. The consequences will be enormous

The Brand New Testament swings from absurdist comedy to elegiac reflection on mortality

George Mackay Brown rejected his anti-papist upbringing to write works of
rare beauty which reflected ‘the majesty and mystery’ of his adopted faith

We all have an instinct to worship, which will follow a perverted truth rather than endure a spiritual vacuum