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The meeting between the Pope and Patriarch Kirill is unprecedented, but the Russian Orthodox leader will come armed with his own political agenda

The Catholic who tackled the NFL

A new film tells the story of a Nigerian doctor who linked brain damage to American football. His faith gave him the strength to stand up for the truth

Sister Theresa Noble herself abandoned the faith in adolescence – she now explains how love ones can be brought back

There is a strong Catholic case for Brexit

The Church is in favour of a strong Europe, but that is not the same thing as a stronger EU

Don’t be afraid to talk about your faith this Lent

Russia is isolated and fighting two wars, and its leaders recognise that, diplomacy-wise, the Pope has many divisions

Today is the feast day of St Apollonia, the saint who had her teeth knocked out by a violent mob

Perhaps an unwillingness to consider such devotions highlights a lack of humility

The legacy of the abuse scandal is, in many respects, still an open wound for the Church

During a visit to St Agatha’s in Portsmouth, I took part in the Ordinariate’s beautiful new liturgy