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Mother Teresa’s martyrs

The four nuns served the vulnerable without regard to politics. But they were caught in the middle of Yemen’s disastrous civil war

Risen offers a fresh look at an era studded with casual cruelties and beset by intrigue

I’m glad I don’t have a vote in the American election. If I did, I’m pretty sure I would abstain

Notre Dame’s recent history shows what happens when a supposedly Catholic university puts academic prestige above its religious ethos

From Mother Teresa to Blessed Jose Brochero, the sheer diversity of the saints should inspire us to follow their example

It is perfectly legitimate for doctors and nurses to let nature take its course, and let people die in peace

The denial of Communion is a supremely grave matter which raises a host of tricky questions

Churches should work together on points of common agreement not strive for the impossible

If St Valentine’s Day is for romance, the Feast of St Joseph could be devoted to love and marriage

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