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The only successful way to combat the resurgence of Islam would be the rediscovery and resurrection of Christianity

Flight of a million Christians

An aid mission to embattled Syria reveals that thousands more faithful are fleeing the country than had previously been thought

Snobbery, sin and salvation

Brideshead Revisited enchants readers with its luscious portrayal of upper-class life. But at its heart is the working of grace

Fr Thomas Byles, I am convinced, was a holy man. And miracles are already being attributed to his intercession

Happy 60th Anniversary to the Hosanna House and Children’s Pilgrimage Trust

It’s easy to feel powerless when a good priest such as Fr Tom Uzhunnalil is abducted, but we can pray to the souls of priests who were imprisoned unfairly

If Vatican diplomacy is contemplating a compromise with China it would be a huge defeat for religious liberty

Other Churches may quibble about a time when a baby is ‘less’ than human, but the Feast of the Annunciation tells it like it is

The sheer volume of the Panama Papers will not only ensure that this saga will run and run, but it will also provide protection for many of those involved

The splintering of Protestantism is the best advert for a pope ever devised