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Fr Christopher Jamison has the gift that all theologians strive for

Fr Jamison, former Abbot of Worth, has 'done a Bonhoeffer' (Photo: Mazur/

His excellent book Finding Sanctuary manages to communicate the riches of Christianity to an audience that knows little about it

Morning Catholic must-reads: 28/05/12

The Pope celebrates Mass in St Peter's Basilica on Pentecost Sunday (AP)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

It’s good to see Ed Miliband talking about his Jewishness

Miliband raps university 'snobbery

The Labour leader’s talk about his faith background contrasts with the emptiness of the Cameron vision

The children of prominent Nazis still struggle with a terrible legacy. If only they had the consolation of Christ’s love

Bettina Goering, left, talks with Shanti Bannwart, whose father was a senior military official in Nazi Germany (PA photo)

None of the interviewees on BBC2′s Hitler’s Children mentioned religious belief at all

On Saturday, 17 deacons will be ordained for the ordinariate — but in Westminster Cathedral and not in their own church. The reason why is a disgrace

The ordinariate's first members are ordained at Westminster Cathedral (Mazur/

Archbishop Nichols is less helpful to the ordinariate than he could be. Why is that?

Why do Italians still have a soft spot for Mussolini?


The bloodthirsty Fascist dictator is still fondly remembered – especially in the south

Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/05/12

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian bishops' conference (CNS)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Today’s Catholic must-reads: 23/05/12

Benedict XVI at this morning's general audience (AP)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Well, I asked the question: and the answer is that the fight to save apostate US Catholic universities is still on. At least their Catholic alumni will go down fighting

The Prince of Wales speaks at Georgetown University (PA)

The Vatican needs to intervene

The irresistible force of modern ‘rights’ meets the immovable object of the Catholic Church

Obama Birth Control

President Obama’s contraception mandate has opened a new front in the culture war