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Blessed by a little angel

The eulogy given by Sir James at his granddaughter Sara’s Requiem Mass tells how a frail young child brought God’s grace to the lives of all those who knew her

Litvinenko was a British citizen and our prime minister needs to show moral courage

The Catholic Church needs to abandon the idea that the Anglican Communion is some sort of unitary body

Despite some criticisms of Catholic culture, The Rural Gentleman by Delia Maguire is never contemptuous or dismissive of the Faith

The fault lines in Anglicanism revealed at last week’s primates meeting will not simply disappear

Unfortunately, in the present climate, the conversation seems unlikely

In his interview with Andrea Tornielli Pope Francis recalled his first encounter with God’s mercy

The whole issue has acquired its own sense of urgency even though, on cool reflection, there is not a lot to base this on

Are there really two popes?

Benedict XVI’s resignation and his enigmatic life as Pope Emeritus have inspired ludicrous conspiracy theories. It’s time to put them to rest

King Henry VI may not be a canonised saint but the miracles attributed to his intercession are legion