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As the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem says, we should have a more moderate Christmas

Catholic Books of the Year

Our books blogger lists her favourite books of 2015

The initial effects of Mitis Iudex are now beginning to filter through into actual cases being heard before tribunals

The holy warrior with a baton

Sir James MacMillan has this year attained sublime creative heights as well as taken on nationalist interests that want to marginalise Catholicism

Man of the century

After decades of illness and several brushes with death, the legendary Mgr Augustine Hoey is about to celebrate his 100th birthday

The People’s Republic of North Korea is surely the nearest thing we have to an Orwellian totalitarian state

A number of dioceses have chosen to place their efforts under the patronage of particular saints and holy people

The Republican candidate seems to be immune to public shaming

Francis Phillips interviews pro-life doctor Dr Anca-Maria Cernea