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The SVP is holding an awareness campaign entitled “Happy Families?” this month

How Rome lost its virtue

An entertainment new history of the first five Caesars contains a serious message about how political morality dies

MAGNIFICAT: The week ahead

How to get more from Magnificat, the daily spiritual life companion

What is immediately interesting about the Pope’s letter ahead of the Year of Mercy is the old-fashioned nature of his concerns

The neurologist and author maintained a deep reverence for all those he cared for

A house fire once destroyed all the holy objects in my bedroom – except one

We risk making the same mistake as those who shut their doors to Jews fleeing persecution

St Vincent de Paul volunteers (Karen Callaway/Catholic New World)

The charity is raising awareness of the work it does by sharing the stories of those they help

Jeremy Corbyn speaks with supporters outside. - NEWZULU/RITA

Rather than be ‘armchair Christians’, we have to go to the people – similar to Corbyn’s leadership drive

The French novelist’s vision chimes, in some ways, with Benedict XVI’s analysis of individualism and consumerism