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China’s one-child catastrophe

There are now 40 million more Chinese men than women, but a two-child policy will not end the human rights abuses caused by the original policy

For a real change in thinking at the Vatican the Pope needs to replace the people who work there

In trying to eradicate Purgatory, the Protestant reformers took from ordinary people their greatest comfort

A selection of essays by Cardinal Sarah and others demonstrate the inspiration of the Holy Spirit at work

A poll suggests 40 per cent of British people believe Jesus was not a real historical figure, a statistic that highlights the Church’s failing to communicate with the public

Dressing up as saints or in white robes can help children understand the soul of a saint

The synod heard the story of a couple who were cruelly separated but remained faithful

Through heavenly intercession the saints draw us to the saving place that is Christ

The journalist can draw solace from St Bernadette, who refused to stay silent in the face of opposition

No parent would choose the name Narcissus for their baby these days