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Why I became a Catholic

A decade ago Tim Stanley joined the Catholic Church, the culmination of a journey that began with his family’s spiritualism and took in Marx and Anglicanism

This Pope doesn’t ‘do’ doctrine. His particular vocation as Supreme Pontiff may not be established for many years

St Jane Frances struck up a close friendship with St Francis de Sales

We have plenty of feasts suitable for reflecting on Creation. Why September 1?

There are very good reasons to oppose Rob Marris MP’s proposed legislation, but the argument must be deepened

From the Catholic Herald of August 5, 2010: The remarkable survival of Jesuit Fathers in Hiroshima has echoes in the Bible and Fatima

MAGNIFICAT: The week ahead

How to get more from Magnificat, the daily spiritual life companion

The farce at Calais cannot go on. We either enforce the law or change it

A preview of this week’s magazine