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It is very sad that the Glasgow midwives ruling should be handed down in the same month as the anniversary of the death of a great pro-life champion

It’s just as bad in the Church of England, and worse in society at large

‘My Battle against Hitler’ provides a splendid witness to Catholic and human values

The Holy See has ended a historic quarrel and promoted world peace

Western liberals like to outrage and offend people who can’t harm them

In an Iraqi Christian refugee camp old men savour memories of Christmas dinners and young mothers anxiously nurse their newborns

Cardinal Nichols reflects on his recent visit to the tiny Catholic community in Gaza

We don’t mind if the Daleks are Scientologists, but please don’t let the Time Lord turn into a secular bore

As a sceptical neurosurgeon I dismissed patients’ visions of the afterlife. Then one day I had a violent seizure and found myself in a realm of indescribable beauty

An attack on Lithuania might seem unlikely given that it s part of Nato, but Russia might risk it