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Britain should copy Ireland, keep its opt-out of a common EU asylum policy, and accept more refugees

No one who visits the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Room 50A will leave thinking the Middle Ages were backward

The champions of the Assisted Dying Bill are desperately hoping that Britons will remain ignorant of the euthanasia horror stories emerging from Europe

Film review: Cartel Land

Cartel Land doesn’t make for comfortable viewing, and rightly so

When the Rugby World Cup kicks off in England today their devotion will be on full display

The SVP is holding an awareness campaign entitled “Happy Families?” this month

How Rome lost its virtue

An entertainment new history of the first five Caesars contains a serious message about how political morality dies

MAGNIFICAT: The week ahead

How to get more from Magnificat, the daily spiritual life companion

What is immediately interesting about the Pope’s letter ahead of the Year of Mercy is the old-fashioned nature of his concerns