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Down’s syndrome is an awkward subject for the West. But we should attend to people’s experiences

A lovely gift idea for Lent

The Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows is a wonderful read for those trying to embrace the Lenten season

McGuinness may have moved on from violence, but many victims of the IRA believe he never showed genuine remorse

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The Pope should take the opportunity to draw the world’s attention to the violent attacks on Christians in Egypt

You don’t need to get your story right. You just have to be honest

Chastity is the only way to find love in this love-starved world of ours

St Patrick was an undocumented migrant – but the immigration debate was as complex in his time as it is today

The new population bomb


European countries are desperately trying to raise their fertility rates. But nothing seems to be working

Find Mass boring? Good!

Praying through the tedium can be a more authentic way of sharing the divine life. Call it ‘bored again Catholicism’

St Anselm’s has been driven out by the Government’s failure to grasp religious life