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We have come to think that all scientific breakthroughs and discoveries must be viewed as ‘progress’

Armenia has arguably produced more martyrs than anywhere else, given that the victims of the genocide were killed in hatred of the Faith

Francis’s love of Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson highlights his appreciation of the power of the Devil

The BBC programme was desperate to present this issue as a fight between reasonable progressive scientists and archaic church leaders

How on earth are we meant to defeat Islamism if we seem so unable or unwilling to understand its roots?

Forcing schools to teach certain views is alien to liberal tradition

An interview in which Stephen Fry denounced God as ‘evil’ has proved a viral hit

The Professor shows himself the master of the soundbite when he describes British values as ‘queuing, drunkenness and loving pets’

Alice von Hildebrand uncompromising attitude to objective truth does not go down well in an age of relativism

Will Ukip get a foot in the door?

Nigel Farage’s ‘insurgent’ party is gaining a following among the faithful – much to the consternation of the bishops of England and Wales