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This genius makes a vital contribution to culture – and decadence may follow if it is lost

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Cardinal Nichols provides a wonderful antidote to the legalism that sees morality as a set of rules

A mass protest movement against the Socialist government’s same-sex marriage bill put a million people on the streets – and has paved the way for a youth-driven Catholic revival

Ahead of the October synod, the relics of Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin are visiting English dioceses. Many hope that their holy marriage will inspire Catholic families

The eco-encyclical won’t commit the Church to unsettled science

A new leader with comparable talent to Tony Blair would help Labour, but so would a resolution about what the party stands for

The Cuban leader claims he may come back to the Church, but is it nothing more than a canny move to shift the focus from the repressive nature of his regime?

98 years ago today, Our Lady appeared to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco for the first time

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