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The farce at Calais cannot go on. We either enforce the law or change it

A preview of this week’s magazine

This sort of thing used to happen all the time: are we now to expect a renewal of the Tablet’s old anti-traditionalist hostility?


Once inspired by Methodism and Catholic Social Teaching, the party has now become hostile to the faithful – and things can only get worse

The historian’s eye sees here all the principal events of a century of geopolitics

Sins of the saints

Augustine was not the only saint to have ‘once been a great sinner’. Beyond the hagiographies many lived lives of great scandal

Blackout, by Sarah Hepola, is frank and shocking, but ends with hope in a higher power

Are we witnessing the beginnings of an international campaign of defiance against the Catholic moral law?

Conquest was the man who exposed Soviet Communism for what it was

All who love Chesterton should read this scholarly, sympathetic and insightful study.