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A most annoying martyr

Fr Frans van der Lugt, who was shot dead by Islamists a year ago in the besieged Syrian city of Homs, was a man of unbelievable energy, stubbornness and courage

We want to be a forum for dialogue to promote peace and reconciliation

The Catholic Herald’s report on the passing of the Polish pontiff from 2005

The atmosphere of prayer was palpable as tears flowed

The Vatican has made a huge unforced error and it doesn’t seem to realise it

The prime minister’s attempt to woo Christians ahead of the general election is cynical and flawed

Along with The Diary of a Country Priest, Gertrud von le Fort’s The Wife of Pilate is one of my desert islands books

It is abundantly clear that ACTA is a pressure group for doctrinal change

Acedia was first identified by a Desert Father – perils to the soul haven’t changed much over the centuries

The witty Spanish saint was, in some ways, the Pope Francis of her time