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What secular historians of the Reformation have missed is that commemorating saints’ days in medieval Catholic England was a popular celebration of holy life

Hunt’s tone reflects the contempt for Catholic education among a new generation of politicians

At the next general election we will lose a number of prominent Catholic MPs

Tristram Hunt’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy to homophobia is a hint of the clashes to come

Following some unguarded remarks by the Pontiff, feminists are forming a queue to denounce him as a misogynist. Those who are really paying attention know that’s nonsense

Is Pope Francis offering us a new model of how to be pastors, only slightly less quick with a lambasting word than with a loving one?

From the moment Archbishop Romero was killed it was seen by the people in the parishes of El Savador as martyrdom

We have come to think that all scientific breakthroughs and discoveries must be viewed as ‘progress’

Armenia has arguably produced more martyrs than anywhere else, given that the victims of the genocide were killed in hatred of the Faith

Francis’s love of Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson highlights his appreciation of the power of the Devil