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It caused uproar in Sweden when I left my Protestant ministry and became a Catholic

Responsibility to protect is enshrined in Article 18 of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights and was born in the embers of the Holocaust

There is much about brain function that is not yet understood and it appears that the medical definition of ‘brain death’ is not infallible

Now Fr Charles-Roux is in the presence of the reality that lies within the sacramental sign

Lourdes water can heal at home

There are 69 miraculous Lourdes cures that are officially recognised by the Church, not forgetting the many anecdotal cures

What perhaps we are not seeing from this Pope is the mystical and ecstatic characteristics of St Francis

Author Patrick Madrid’s new book is eloquent on the importance of sacramental Confession

Despite severe challenges, the Church did not enter a steep decline the end of the pontiff’s reign

He really does believe that we cannot, in his words, use Church doctrine ‘as we please’

The liturgy does not belong to us but the Church