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The European Union is withering because it has uprooted itself, he says: unless it returns to God, its institutions are finished

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European-wide Christian names were a product of Christendom

A new book brings home the fact that, among the desperately ill, Christians do not simply trust in surgical skill

This year I am experiencing Advent from a fresh angle, from Mary’s remarkable perspective as an expectant mother

On the questions of ISIS and Armenia, President Erdogan seemed to be given a pass by the Pope

There’s no need to adopt their fasting rules, but we can learn quite a bit from the Russians’ preparations for Christmas

‘Gazing about, reaching for this and that’: the challenge of distraction, it seems, was just as strong at the EF as with the Novus Ordo

The remaining all-Christian villages in the region are picturesque and prosperous and trace their history to the first century